New York Jets News: Rob Grownkowski Injury Is Early Christmas Gift For Struggling Secondary

Christmas came a little early for the New York Jets and their secondary, but will they be able to "gobble" up the New England Patriots NFL-leading offense attack?

Rob Gronkowski is out at 4-6 weeks with a broken forearm, suffering the injury after the Pats blow out win against the Colts. Gronk has been battling injuries this whole season, but this specific one was enough to sideline him, which is a huge blow to the offense.

 "He's such a great player. It sucks that he gets hurt, but it's part of the game, so he's got to do his best to get back as soon as possible. We've got to go out there and win some games without him," Brady told WEEI-FM radio this morning.

With Aaron Hernandez coming back from not playing since Week 7, the Pats should be a little relieved, but you cannot replace Gronk.

As for the Jets, who are scheduled to play the Patriots on Thanksgiving night, they themselves must be relieved that they don't have to worry about the 6'7 freak of nature. The New York Jet defense, ranked 14th overall, is, in all honestly, are not playing as well as they are ranked. 4th ranked in passing defesne, the New York secondary is still not performing to their expectations, and have been struggling as of late. Coming into the season, the NY Jet dfense, especially their secondary, was considered elite, with big time players like Darrele Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Yeramiah Bell, and LaRon Landry. Due to injuries, mainly with Revis sidelined for the season, but also to some role players like Isiah Truphant, as well as the sup-par play of the safeties, the Jets have not lived up to their expectations.

The injury to Gronkowski should give the Jets a blow, but they should not feel comfortable, after all, they do have Tom Brady under center.