Mark my words. New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy will join another NFL team within the next year or two, and will become an elite quarterback. 

In case you don't know, I am probably Greg McElroy's number one fan. I have already written one article about him, and this one definitely will not be the last. 

It's amazes me that NFL anaysts and sports personnel overlook the fact that the Jets have a third guy on the depth chart. We know that Mark Sanchez isn't the answer, so now people are saying it's Tim Tebow. Why? Sure, Tebow made that magical run last year with the Broncos. Sure, he is a dynamic force, and a hell of a football player. Sure, he is an entertaining player, in fact, I much rather seem him throw an interception than see Mark Sanchez throw one, to be quite honest with you. But Tebow, regardless if you truely believe he is god, or can't throw the football for his life, isn't the answer for the New York Jets. You must move one spot farther down in the depth chart to find the wasted talent that the New York Jets have ignored and disregarded for the past two years. 

If I were McElroy, I would be absolutely fed up with the Jets organization, and I would have requested a trade a long time ago. His skills, intangibles, and intelligence clearly surpass Tebow and Sanchez, but his name still doesn't even come up in the Jets quarterback controversy. The Jets are extremely lucky to have him thus far. 

Look. We all know the Jets season is probably over. With Holmes (likely) and Revis out for the year, it will be tough for the Jets to climb back to the Super Bowl calaber team that they still think they are. Please, put Tebow in. I want to see that. I also want to see McElroy come in and light it up when Tebow throws for less yards than Bilal Powell has rushing yards.