New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview: Storylines, What To Watch For And Predictions


Later on today, Andrew Luck and his“good feeling” Colts roll into town after an emotional comeback win against the Green Bay Packers. Besides the win, all thoughts and eyes  were on Head Coach Chuck Pagano, who is currently sitting in a hospital bed fighting cancer. The Colts are living by the motto "CHUCKSTRONG", and for good reason. Expect this same emotion of knowing their head coach is watching from a hospital bed to carry over into New York this week.


  1. What to Watch For:
  • Tebow vs. Sanchez:

This story has taken a life of its own, and it truly appears that Mark Sanchez's starting job is in jeopardy. Sanchez has not played well recently, in fact the only game that he did play well was against the Bills in week 1. Although he played a better game vs. the Texans, he still had those “Sanchez” moments that make you scream Tebow at the top of your lungs. It also doesn't help Sanchez’ case that Tim Tebow threw a beautiful pass down the middle of the field in the second quarter that Jason Hill dropped. It also doesn't help his case that in the fourth quarter Tebow had a huge rush that got the Jets into the red zone, but was still taken out for Sanchez who threw 2 in-completions and settled for a field goal. Some people like myself feel, Sanchez must get off to a fast start this week, especially against a weaker defense than the Texans, otherwise, its Tebow Time.

  • Responding to last two home losses; Last game of a three game Homestand: 

The Jets have lost the first two of this 3 game home stand which, obviously, isn’t a good sign. At 2-3 on the season, in the midst of a 2 game losing streak at home, the Jets definitely be feeling some pressure this Sunday. Obviously, it wasn’t expected that the Jets were to beat either the 49ers or Texans, so this week is a must-win. The Jets can't drop this game to a rookie quarterback while on their home field during a crucial part of the season. A third straight loss at home could lead to a quarterback change and very unhappy new yorkers.

  1. Andrew Luck and Colt Offense:

This kid isn’t your average rookie quarterback. Luck has impressed, and is know to play better during the end of each half. He and Reggie Wayne have clicked right off the bat, considering a 200 yard receiving game by Wayne last week. Rex Ryan will throw some exotic looks at him, especially since Luck hasn't faced a defense that has the ability to come up with confusing looks such as the Jets. 

  1. Tim Tebow:

Just like it is every week, he needs to get the ball more this week. The Colts defense is the type that Tebow can really hurt with his legs, and maybe even his arm. He had some good carries last week, and also that one pass to Jason Hill. If Sanchez doesn't perform well, there should be no reason why Tebow should not be behind center.

  1. Getting Back to Normal:

The Jets should get back Dustin Keller and Stephen Hill. Keller is obviously the more valuable one as he hasn't played since week one with a bad hamstring, and he is Sanchez’ favorite target. Stephen Hill also brings the threat of speed, and skill, which showed with two touchdowns in week one vs. Buffalo, while also carrying the skill of dropping passes.

  1. Game Prediction:

The Jets should win this game. If they win the necessary match ups, they should have the motivation to finally get back on track. A win brings them to 3-3 which puts them right in the bulk of teams in the AFC. The AFC is off to a slow start as a whole, so this season is far from over for the Jets, but they need the win here to start some momentum. A win in this game allows the Jets to go into Foxborugh with a little more confidence then usual.