New York Jets: Why Mark Sanchez Should Want Out Of New York

Over the past week, life for Mark Sanchez has gotten much worse.

Last Monday night his five turnovers capped the end to a horrific 2012 New York Jets season. That of course was a day after the Jets realized they had favorable playoff scenarios.

The next day, Rex Ryan made it known that he had informed Sanchez right after the game of his benching for this Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers.

That means Tim Tebow and Sanchez will be side by side watching Greg McElroy audition for the 2013 starting job.

Since this news came out, rumors have swirled about the Jets looking to trade Sanchez after the season. Unfortunately for Jets nation, that will be hard because of Sanchez's contract. He is guaranteed 8.25 million dollars for next season and a 17.15 million dollar cap hit if cut.

General manager Mike Tannenbaum must really be kicking himself for making that apart of the extension Sanchez received this past offseason.

The only realistic way that Mark Sanchez won't be a Jet next season is if there's a team out there who wants him. 

The fact Sanchez has 50 turnovers in the past two seasons will be a huge red flag, as will the contract itself. That contract though can be worked out between the Jets and team X.

Perhaps team X agrees to pay two or three million dollars to Sanchez, while the Jets pay the remaining five or six million dollars. Two or three million dollars for a backup quarterback who could compete for a starting job would be a good price.

The only other way the Jets can rid themselves of the Sanchez problem is to work a buyout in some way and release him.

It's hard to see Sanchez doing the Jets any favors and taking a dime less than the 8.25 million dollars he's guaranteed. Sanchez knows that by not agreeing to a buyout the Jets would be in cap hell if they cut him loose with the current contract situation.

The theme here is that it will really be up to Sanchez. 

Rumors are swirling that Tebow will ask for a release or trade at seasons end. 

Sanchez should do the same.

In New York, Sanchez would either be the most hated starting quarterback for another year, or the most hated backup quarterback.

New York Jets fans are done with the 'Sanchize', and it's time for a break-up.

That break-up will be a lot more likely if Sanchez is on board with the idea.

If not, then whatever ship he continues to ride around New York in will sink even further than it has over the last month.

How this game plays out will depend on Mark Sanchez.

So it probably won't end up in the Jets favor.

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