New York Knicks' fans know just how important Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire are to this team.

However, both of these stars can't help this team be successful by themselves, thus the help of role players is vital to the Knicks.

Let's take a look at the most important role players on the Knicks 2012-13 roster.

Raymond Felton

Felton is faced with the impossible task of filling Jeremy Lin's shoes.

It won't be easy to run the Knicks offense with two ball-loving scorers like Anthony and Stoudemire, but that is what Felton must do.

The biggest problem for New York last season was that when Melo and Stat weren't scoring buckets, the offense became stagnant. That's where Felton comes in.

He must make it easier for his teammates to score points when the two superstars aren't at their best. Not to mention, Felton will be tasked with reigniting Stat's career by helping him thrive in the pick-and-roll.

Tyson Chandler

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Chandler will be looking for a repeat of his 2011-12 season.

New York's defense improved drastically once Chandler entered the mix as the team's enforcer in the paint. Thanks to Chandler and a little help from his teammates, the Knicks have a shot at being an elite defensive team.

Defense wins championships and that's why Chandler's role on this team is so important. It will be absolutely necessary to keep him healthy as well after the Knicks center battled injuries all year long.

A little offense from the big man wouldn't hurt. It was routine to see Chandler dropping passes that would've led to easy baskets last year. He must be able to finish close to the hoop if the opportunity presents itself.

Marcus Camby

The nostalgia of adding Camby was a great feeling for Knicks fans, but that doesn't give him a pass not to produce this season.

Camby's presence on this team will help the Knicks remain solid defensively for 48 minutes.

During the 2011-12 season, once Chandler left the floor, the Knicks' defense went south and it was clear just how important the Knicks center's presence was.

As a result, he had to play injured because his team desperately needed him on the court at all times.

But with Camby on the roster, the Knicks can afford to rest Chandler more often as Camby has proven to be a solid defender over the years. He will ensure the Knicks don't miss a beat defensively once their best defender sits down.

J.R. Smith

Scoring off the bench is important to every team and the Knicks are no different.

Smith averaged a little over 12 points per game off the bench last season and that's all the production the Knicks could've hoped for.

The only problem was his erratic play. It seemed like a daily occurence to see Smith lose his dribble and turn the ball over. Either that, or the Knicks shooting guard would throw wreckless passes that were often stolen.

Smith can score, but the question will be if he can rein in his wild play and be a contributor on the defensive end also.

Ronnie Brewer

With Iman Shumpert's ACL injury extending into this season, the Knicks needed a solid perimeter defender to replace him and that's why they signed Ronnie Brewer.

Brewer isn't a great offensive player by any means, but he is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. His long arms and 6'7'' size make him ideal to take on the task of shutting down top players in the league.

It won't be easy to replace a great defender like Shumpert, but there's no doubt Brewer is the closest thing.

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