A New York Minute of Tebow Time [New York Jets News]

Once upon a time, all roads led to Rome. 

Those times have changed, and now all roads that are on time go through New York, a city that doesn't sleep, because sleep is for the weak.  The apple is not big do to its size, New York is big because of its stars.

A new star has arrived with wide open eyes and he's just in time. In fact, he's such a big star he has his own clock, it's called "Tebow Time."

The Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets is more than just a football trade, it's a marketing move for a market that likes stars that can make papers move faster than clocks.  Last year's champions may be the Giants of New York, but you wouldn't know it from the two hundred media crew who were assigned to hear the back up quarterback's press conference talk, at the time it seemed more like a bad case of gang green. 

To put it into perspective, it would be like Apple buying Blackberry, and no one being interested in hearing what Apple had to say?  Tim Tebow is not just stopping in to say hey, he's in the big apple to take a bite to what will surely be a fight for the starting job he knows fits just right.

The reason Tebow is the perfect fit for the New York Jets, is just like why the apple in New York is red. Tim's conservative quarterback play is a defensive head coach's dream.  A kid with a work ethic that is bigger than any ego in the NFL, a spirit that embodies the notion of team that is reminiscent of a furiousness middle linebacker who plays tough and mean.  He's ability to run the ball and not turn it over makes his offence tough to beat, while the defence is rested and at the ready waiting for coach Rex's beat, and more importantly giddy at coming after opposing quarterbacks with quick rested feet.

One thing is for sure, a Rex Ryan team likes to run the ball and work the clock. The question is how long until he realises the clock is winding down and the fans are calling  for Tebow Time to be at hand? Now, Tim may be the back up today, but give it a few games and he'll get New Yorkers praying for more, forgetting about Jersey shore, and making sure this year the gang green are surely not a snore.