In a Quarterback driven league, the NFC East has four guys that can really put up numbers and win games in a number of ways. Each player means something different to his team. Each offense is predicated on the attributes and features of each player. There are certain things each offense does that is unique to who they have behind center. 

These rankings have no bearing on the past, but who I would want to have this upcoming Sunday and for the weeks going forward. It's only four guys, can't mess this up too bad right?

4. Mike Vick (Eagles) - This may suprise most readers because of his performance on Sunday night against an NFC East rival. He is 7-1 in his last eight games dating back to last season and has been able to make Madden like moves on the field. With that said, Vick is the most turnover, injury, prone Quarterback I have seen in years. He hasn't been able to stay healthy on the Eagles and has already been blindsinded a number of times this season. The way Vick is able to tuck it in and pick up chunks of yards is something only a few can do, none with the type of flare he brings however. He has nine turnovers already this season and the hits just keep coming. Each and every game, sans Sunday night, I called a Vick turnover on certain drives. It is inevitable. He is one play away from a touchdown and one play away from being out for a few weeks. Vick is not able to read defenses like the other guys on this list and his reads and blitz pickups are below average at best. His decision making in the pocket has also digressed over the years as he never seems to know whether to pull it back and run or flick it 50 yards in stride. Despite their record, Vick has not played up to his potential and has taken way too many hits for anyone to think he will be able to finish this season, let alone games. He is not your prototypical behind center guy that NFL GM's look for nowadays, but he certainly has a flare for the dramatic. Style points don't help you in this league, and these rankings.

3. Tony Romo (Cowboys) - He put up a five spot in the INT category on Monday Night Football for the second time in his career. I know, I am still trying to let that sink in, especially since he won the first time he did it. He looked out of sorts the other night, unable to read any Zone or Cover 2 looks the Bears gave him. He looked lost when the Bears brought pressure and did not look like he progressed much from the clunker he put up in Seattle and the below average quarterbacking he did against the Bucs. Romo always surprises you once every few games, but is never able to sustain any sort of rhythm with his recievers. He and Dez Bryant looked as if they just met the other night, despite Bryant going over 100 yards for the first time in his career. Romo was able to get Jason Witten back on track last night as they really seemed to click inside the numbers and on a number of seam routes. Romo needs to learn how to take the yards given to him, aka go to Witten and Murray more, and stay away from trying to hit the big play to Miles Austin and Bryant all the time. He also has the tendency to audible out of runs, causing miscommunications within his offense. Romo is a gunslinger. Cowboy fans must live with him, something Jerry Jones may not want to do much longer if things don't change for America's Team. 

2. Robert Griffin III (Redskins) - Whether it's him sitting upright on the ground back near his own endzone with his hands pointed up to the sky or if it is that follow through he does after he flicks his wrist and unloads one of his passes to his wideouts, RGIII has made sure that Redskins fans, and the NFL, knows he is the real deal. His comeback this weekend showed his poise in the final minutes of the game when he led his team down the field for a game winning field goal. He has shown time and time again he wants to throw it before he takes off. There have been times where it seemed as if he could have pulled it down and run, but decided to either force it in or throw it away. He has a great grasp of Shanahan's offense and is able to make reads most guys, let alone rookies, aren't able to make. He has the arm strength to make every throw on the field, probably the strongest in the division. He can run just about any play in an NFL playbook. The thing that has impressed me most about RGIII is his confidence level. He expects to win, not just fill up the stat sheet (Cam Newton). He also has supreme confidence in the plays Shanahan calls for him, making his job a lot easier. He is a franchise type player that doesn't come around often. I was worried about his focus coming into games, but he has shown that there is no defense, or play, he will shy away from. RGIII will not be good. He will be great.

1. Eli Manning (Giants) - As was the case last year, as Eli Manning goes, the Giants go. He is putting up MVP numbers so far this season, but has had to survive without his favorite target, Hakeem Nicks, for half of the games thus far. He has thrown some bad interceptions, 2010 like, but has been able to come back from them and make sure his guys are where he wants them out on the field. He continues to audible out of most plays Kevin Gilbride calls for him, and is able to read defenses with the best of them. His blitz pickups are what makes the Giants so deadly on offense. He puts his guys in the best position on the field and is able to create mismatches all over the field. He is at his best when the Giants are able to run the ball and he can get the play action pass working. He has also limited the number of hits he has taken. He always seems to get the ball out just in time, and is able to always have that clock going off in his head when he needs to get rid of the ball. His protection has been better of late, but getting Nicks back will only make him all the more deadly for defenses. He never gets too down, which allows him to take command in the huddle no matter the situation, score or time. If he has the ball in his hands late with a chance to win it, there is always a reason to believe he will do so. He puts the ball where it needs to be for anyone the Giants trot onto the field. Something only two other teams in the NFL can say about their guy behind center.