Chicago Bears Rumors: Bears Must Retain Henry Melton, Even At Cost Of Franchise Tag

on February 27 2013 8:53 PM
Chicago Bears Rumors: Bears Must Retain Henry Melton, Even At Cost Of Franchise Tag


The Chicago Bears have a boatload of potential free agents to re-sign (or not) from last year’s roster, and the most expensive of the lot could be Henry Melton. The 26-year-old defensive tackle is coming off his first Pro Bowl appearance just as his rookie contract expires.

As reported by Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune (via Twitter), the Bears appear to be willing to sink huge amounts of cash into keeping Melton on the roster. Biggs says that, unless a long-term contract is reached, the Bears are expected to put the franchise tag on the youngster…a move that’s expected to cost in the neighborhood of $8 million next season.

The Bears aren’t long on cap room in the best of scenarios, so committing that kind of money to one of their many skilled defensive linemen isn’t a trivial decision. Nevertheless, Chicago can ill afford to make any other move where Melton is concerned.

Dallas Cowboys Need To Solve The Problem With Romo Quickly

on February 20 2013 8:42 AM

Trying to come up with a new, fresh approach to a story that seems as old as time itself can be as hard as figuring why the person in the title is error prone in big matches.

Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback. America's Team Quarterback.

That's the huge weight that he carries around with him when he' s on the golf course. As well as the times he takes snaps on the football field. The number of players in his position, on the team that is under the constant media microscope, and thrived and succeeded, can be counted on one hand. Those that fail are often thrown by the side of the road, hitching a ride into the NFL wilderness.

Maybe that's the problem.

San Francisco 49ers Commentary: Signing Mike Wallace Can Get 49ers Back To The Super Bowl

on February 13 2013 11:52 AM

If the San Francisco 49ers hope to return to the Super Bowl and take the next step by winning it, they should sign Mike Wallace in free agency. The fleet-footed Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver is the dynamic deep threat the 49ers need.

With youngster Colin Kaepernick now firmly installed at quarterback, the 49ers must expand their offense to suit Kaepernick's skills. The first priority for head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman, should be improving the vertical pass attack.

Adding Wallace is the best method for doing that. Despite his troubles in the Steel City, Wallace is a premier game-breaking weapon. Few receivers in football can match his ability to use straight-line speed to stretch a defense.

The 49ers have already experienced what having a true deep threat can do for their offense. Veteran Randy Moss may have not been a prolific performer in 2012. However, his mere presence expanded the 49ers big play potential and created openings for others.

Eagles Coach Makes Bold Move, Brings Back Vick

on February 12 2013 4:57 PM

With Michael Vick back in the fold, all safe and signed Monday to a one-year contract, Eagles fans can sit back, cross their fingers and hope that new coach Chip Kelly’s next personnel move creates as much hullabaloo as his first.

Perhaps Leon Sandcastle falls to the Birds with the No. 4 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Kidding aside, for all the concern about Vick’s age and mounting aches, he remains a remarkable talent whose skill set intrigues Kelly. Neophyte to pro circles notwithstanding, Kelly is entitled to his opinion and value assessment as it pertains to his team and the quarterback he wants to run it.

That kind of comes with the territory. Whether Eagles fans want it or not, that’s what the organization agreed to with bringing in him and his read-option mindset from the college ranks. Kelly will have his imprint over every aspect of the on-field product from this point on, and with his decision to bring back an injury-prone lightning rod to run the show, he made an unwavering statement.

He is not afraid of controversy, and that he doesn’t sweat what others think of him and what he chooses to do.

Washington Redskins News: 'Skins Must Give Brian Orakpo New Long-Term Deal

on February 11 2013 9:04 AM
Washington Redskins News: 'Skins Must Give Brian Orakpo New Long-Term Deal


The Washington Redskins must give outside linebacker Brian Orakpo a new long-term deal. Securing the future of their premier pass-rusher should be an offseason priority for the cash-strapped Redskins.

According to, the Redskins will push to secure a new deal for Orakpo. It is the smartest move Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen can make, although it won't be easy.

The Redskins are still adapting in the market, thanks to last year's league-imposed salary cap penalty. They are $4 million over the cap this year, according to's John Clayton.

Yet that harsh fiscal reality shouldn't mask how much the Redskins need Orakpo. He is the prolific edge-rusher every 3-4 scheme needs. He has compiled 29.5 sacks in just over three seasons.