With the discussion on how Ray Lewis could potentially end his career with a Super Bowl ring, it is a true reminder that winning a playoff win is an amazing accomplishment, let alone a Super Bowl appearance. With that in mind, here are some successful NFL veterans who are still searching for their first playoff win. 

Steven Jackson – St Louis Rams

Steven Jackson, 29, probably one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL today, has not won a playoff game in his career with the St. Louis Rams. The all-pro back led the NFC in rushing in 2009, and is a part of the 10,000 yard rushing club. He is the all-time rams leading rusher, surpassing Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson, which is an undermined accomplishment by many. Despite the accolades, he still hasn’t won a playoff game, and it doesn’t look like he will any time soon, unless the Rams get surprisingly good in the coming years.

Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans

Another running back that has kind of slipped off the radar is Titan back Chris Johnson. Johnson, with his unusual speed and quickness, is a three time pro bowler, as well as a part of the 2,000 single season rushing yards club. Johnson won the NFL rushing title in 2009, the same year he had a 2,006 rushing yard season. Even though Johnson is known as one of the best backs in the NFL, his struggles this past season as well as his hold out during the 2011 season has not helped him live up to his expectations as one of the best running backs in NFL history.

Carson Palmer – Oakland Raiders

Carson Palmer, currently with the Raiders, for now, has had an up and down career to say the least. Palmer, 33 now, is a two time pro bowler, a pro bowl MVP, and a Heisman winner, but also has had his share of down moments. For instance, despite all the awards, Palmer has indeed failed to win a playoff game. In his two playoff appearances, Palmer was shut out by the Jets in the 2009 AFC Wildcard game, and only had one attempt in a 2005 playoff game in 2005. Palmer holds a number of Bengal passing records, but still can’t ring in that first playoff win, and his days are numbered as an NFL quarterback.

DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers

DeAngelo Williams, just like the other three backs on the list, has had a great NFL career in his own respect. With a pro bowl, and all-pro accolades on his resume, as well as a number of Panther rushing records, Williams has failed to win a playoff game. Panther fans are hopeful that franchise quarterback Cam Newton can change that, but Williams, 29, may not be able to see the change, first hand, on the field.

Calvin Johnson-Matt Stafford – Detroit Lions

This duo, a fairly young duo, has not won a playoff game in their careers thus far. Megatron, one of the best receivers in football, is a three time pro bowler who has led the NFL in receiving twice in his illustrious career. Matt Stafford, 24, is a former number one pick who has had his moments, but is still trying to get that first win. The Lions as a franchise have struggled recently to win in the postseason, having reached the playoffs twice in the past 4 years. A promising young team, it’ll be interesting to see if the Stafford-Megatron duo can bring a playoff game win to Detroit.