NFL Playoffs: Finding Flaws With the Final 12: How to Beat the Indianapolis Colts

What Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts have done this season is nothing short of astonishing. After a 2-14 season that left them with the worst record in the league and subsequently the number one pick. It’s amazing what Luck has been able to accomplish, becoming a strong candidate for rookie of the year while leading the revival of a storied franchise. But it is not that easy to completely renovate a team without some leftover shortcomings. The key to beating the Colts will be to ignore (to an extent) one facet of the Colts offense and focus most of the attention towards the other.

Slowing down Andrew Luck will be of the utmost importance for teams looking to beat the Colts. The Colts defense ranks in the bottom third of the league in many important defensive categories, so teams will get their yards and score their points against Indianapolis. The chances of the Colts falling behind are relatively high, so the pressure should fall on Luck. Like the defense, the Colts’ running game was game also average at best, ranking 22nd in yards per game, so it’ll be hard to depend on a solid/consistent contribution from the backs. The absence of a strong run game will allow defenses to focus on slowing down Luck. He will have to put up a big game for the Colts to win. He'll have to rely on veteran receiver Reggie Wayne and his other receivers to get into positions for Luck to find them in space. If Luck is unable to shine in his first taste of the big stage, the Colts are in dangerous of being put down quickly.