NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Intertouchceptiondown. That is the only word I can think of after what transpired in Week 3 of the NFL seasons. I promise to not bring up the 'refeerees' in this one, beacause football is the ultimate team game, and despite what many say, one call impacts the outcome of the game but will never decide it.

The most surprising 0-3 team? The Saints. The most surprising 3-0 team? The Cardinals. Both officially deserve where they will end up in the Week 4 Power Rankings. This upcoming week of games will serve as a seperation week for some teams, Giants and Eagles, and an ultimate test for others, Jets and 49ers. 

Without further adieu. Rank 'em time

  1. 1. Atlanta Falcons 3-0: The Falcons look like contenders. Yet again, they did the last two years at this time.
  2. 2. Houston Texans 3-0: Playing in the weakest division in the NFL could mean cruise control.
  3. 3. San Francisco 49ers 2-1: They will get back on track this weekend. I'm booking it.
  4. 4. New York Giants 2-1: No team looks like it can stop Eli. He is playing the best QB in the league.
  5. 5. Baltimore Ravens 2-1: The kick was good. So are the Ravens. 
  6. 6. Arizona Cardinals 3-0: They can't continue winning like this. Right?
  7. 7. Seattle Seahawks 2-1: Just win baby. They have the best defense in the leauge.
  8. 8. New England Patriots 1-2: They won't lose at Buffalo. Brady won't let them.
  9. 9. Green Bay Packers 1-2: Their defense looks tremendous. Their offense. Not so much.
  10. 10. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1: Despite their record, they are spiraling down. down. down.
  11. 11. Chicago Bears 2-1: Cutler to Marshall is coming. It's only a matter of time.
  12. 12. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1: The teamwide sophomore slump hasn't happened. It shouldn't now.
  13. 13. New York Jets 2-1: They won't keep it close this weekend unless they play Tebow more.
  14. 14. San Diego Chargers 2-1: Their game against the Chiefs is an early must win.
  15. 15. Dallas Cowboys 2-1: What Jerry Jones team will show up this week?
  16. 16. Buffalo Bills 2-1: They will always be able to run it. Can they throw it in a passing league?
  17. 17. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2: They just don't look like that black and yellow team we are used to.
  18. 18. Detroit Lions 1-2: They played in and lost what could be the must unpredicatble game all season.
  19. 19. Denver Broncos 1-2: Put me on the list of people saying Peyton doesn't look like Peyton.
  20. 20. Minnesota Vikings 2-1: What do you Ponder at night? Winning games.
  21. 21. Washington Redskins 1-2: The ball just isn't bouncing their way.
  22. 22. Tennessee Titans 1-2: Statement game against the Texans on Sunday.
  23. 23. Oakland Raiders 1-2: How many games can Janikowski win them?
  24. 24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2: They may not recover from the last two weeks.
  25. 25. Carolina Panthers 1-2: Don't worry Cam, you won't face that defense again.
  26. 26. Miami Dolphins 1-2: Add them to the list of teams that find ways to lose.
  27. 27. Kansas City Chiefs 1-2: Can Jamaal Charles play defense?
  28. 28. St. Louis Rams 1-2: This team just confuses me. They have no identity. 
  29. 29. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2: I think Gabbert can play at this level, he just has to as well.
  30. 30. Indianapolis Colts 1-2: This is the lowest a Luck team will ever be. He will begreat.
  31. 31. New Orleans Saints 0-3: Drew Brees. You guys are far from great.
  1. 32. Cleveland Browns 0-3: This is what happens when you start rookies at QB and RB. And play in Cleveland.


Stay Tuned for Week 4 NFL Picks.