NFL Referees Labor Dispute: Enough is Enough; Fans Need to Act NOW!


There is no need to go over the outrageous situation going on in the NFL. Inexperienced, incompetent officials make a mockery of the game. So much for the integrity of the brand, right Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner and mouthpiece for the league owners. It is very clear that the NFL team owners do not care at all about what the fans, customers, supporters, advertisers, and their own head coaches think. Their product is soiled, if it were a food product, it would be rancid.

            It is time for the people to get real. Just a few simple acts by us poor masses will hit where it hurts…their pockets.

            But first, allow me to digress. Both the players and coaches need to get real. They need to lay off the officials. Their owners are the ones who put them out there. Do the players really think their owners really give a hoot if they get hurt, maimed, or God-forbid, lose a game because of the officials? Of course not, they are still going to make their money either way. The players and coaches need to address the issue at hand with the team owners, but they wouldn’t do it, because well the owners sign their paychecks. So instead of going to their owners, they pick on the weaker guys, the players and coaches flex up on the zebras. Yep- the hyena is alive and well in the NFL.

            Now to get to the business of NFL football. The NFL is the most profitable American sports league. It is, what Business Week called one of America’s “Best run” businesses. It is a money-generating machine that is driven by centrally generated and equally shared revenue. High on the list of generators are media (TV, radio, internet) and merchandising.

            So if you as a fan are sick and tired of the NFL’s boorish behavior, don’t sit around and wallow, take action, do something about it!

  1.                 1. Turn off the TV, radio, and computers. Go catch a local high school or college game. Get some air, a little color on your face, clear your head, and let your eyes see some Friday night lights. There is plenty of football around you don’t need to watch the NFL until it returns to being a game of integrity. Do not purchase products of the NFL sponsors and advertisers. Why are they supporting the worst joke on TV?
  2.                2. Stop buying NFL merchandise and gear! See number 1, above. How about supporting your local high school or favorite college? Buy their spirit gear! Support the kids who play because the love the game.
  3.              3. Call up the league office, 212-450-2000. Tell them how you feel, they may not listen but hey,    it feels good to let it all out!


            By the way, I am a huge football fan more so that any other sport aired on TV. But there is only so much a fan can take. On Monday night, my cup runneth over.