Kansas City Chiefs News: Andy Reid And The Chiefs Should Trade Draft's No.1 Pick

on February 22 2013 12:02 PM
Kansas City Chiefs News: Andy Reid And The Chiefs Should Trade Draft's No.1 Pick


According to reports on, the Kansas City Chiefs are willing to trade the number one pick in the 2013 NFL draft. It's a move new head coach Andy Reid and new general manager John Dorsey should make.

The Chiefs biggest need is at quarterback, however, there isn't a consensus top pick at the position. Geno Smith is probably the closest, but the field becomes considerably weaker after him. The Chiefs shouldn't use a bargaining chip as valuable as the draft's top pick on a player who doesn't merit it.

There's also the fact that any team coming off a 2-14 campaign and having made the playoffs just once in six years, has more than one need. The Chiefs need help along both the offensive and defensive lines.

Fortifying the trenches should be the first place Reid begins rebuilding the Chiefs. More importantly, the Chiefs do have options in the trade and free agent markets, to pursue a pro-ready quarterback.

San Francisco 49ers News: 3 Offseason Positional Needs

on February 21 2013 3:37 AM

           The San Francisco 49ers came within yards of winning Super Bowl XLVII against the Ravens and are undoubtedly chomping at the bit to get back to work on improving the team enough to get back to the Super Bowl and win the franchise’s sixth title. Despite the team’s success the past two seasons, there are still a few positions that need to be addressed this off-season through the draft and/or free agency/trades.


Position: Defensive Line

            The 49ers have a ferocious front seven, anchored by the three big down lineman Justin Smith, Isaac Sopoaga, and Ray McDonald. But behind them, the depth is simply not there. The lack of a quality backup forces the trio to play most of the games with minimal rest on long drives. This lack of rest is especially concerning when it comes to Smith and Sopoaga, both of whom are in their 30’s and don’t quite have the motor and stamina that they once had. The 49ers pass rush suffers when these guys get tired out and the lack of viable options to provide a breather costs the 49ers at times. They’ll need to address that depth and target a defensive lineman or two in the draft and/or through free agency.

Surprises, Intrigue, Points To Prove: 10 To Watch At The NFL Combine.

on February 20 2013 8:45 PM
It's that time of year again. 333 College Hopefuls head to Indianapolis in an attempt to boost their Draft Prospects to one day realise their dream of playing in the National Football League. The tests at the combine are crucial and could be the difference in getting drafted or not for some. For others, it gives them a chance to move up the rounds in the Draft and earn themselves a larger pay-day. In this column we look at some of the more interesting players to keep an eye on the Combine. Some have questions to answer, others have the potential to surprise. 1. Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame. There is no more intriguing prospect at the Combine than Manti Te'o and it has almost nothing to do with his on-the-field ability. With the controversy and speculation surrounding Te'o since the revelations regarding the 'Catfish' incident, Te'o's physical skills have almost been forgotten. This is why the Combine could not come at a better time for the inspirational leader of the fighting Irish.

Geno Smith Looks To Prove Class Of 2013 Is Not To Be Doubted

on February 20 2013 5:11 PM

Russell Wilson. Andrew Lock. Robert Griffin III.

Just three names from the list of the quarterback class of 2012. Names that should go on to have long and successful careers in the NFL.

Every player knows that the light that shines on them one year, could well be dimmed and be cast in a different direction the following season.

This could well be the case in 2013.

There is once again a new kid on the block.

Geno Smith, hailing out of West Virginia, is tipped to be, and rightly so, to be the No. 1 in this April's NFL Draft.

The Kansas City Chiefs probably never saw an end to their QB nightmares but now, loaded with a No. 1 pick at their disposal, that end is in sight.

New head coach Andy Reid knows a good thing when he sees it and if he wants to show the NFL world that his footballing sense hasn't completely left him then Smith will be putting on a Chiefs Red jersey very soon.

So we all know that the transition from college ball to the NFL is an immensely tricky one, you may have the ability, but do you have the extra special ingredient to rise above the hype?

Dallas Cowboys Need To Solve The Problem With Romo Quickly

on February 20 2013 8:42 AM

Trying to come up with a new, fresh approach to a story that seems as old as time itself can be as hard as figuring why the person in the title is error prone in big matches.

Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback. America's Team Quarterback.

That's the huge weight that he carries around with him when he' s on the golf course. As well as the times he takes snaps on the football field. The number of players in his position, on the team that is under the constant media microscope, and thrived and succeeded, can be counted on one hand. Those that fail are often thrown by the side of the road, hitching a ride into the NFL wilderness.

Maybe that's the problem.