Last night, a podium had been set up inside the media room of where the NHL lockout talks were taking place. 

Thanks to social media, "podium watch" began trending on Twitter. This of course brought hope to thousands of die-hard hockey fans who had been following Twitter reading updates from anyone associated within the NHL world.

Some fans have read that coaches are contacting players telling them to be ready to report to camp. Others have read the strong possibility of Hockey games by Christmas. 

What's more documented is that there are still significant issues within the meeting room.

In the end, nobody outside of those doors truly know what in the world is going on with lockout news.

It appeared late last night that there was a chance Gary Bettman would take to the podium and declare the end of this strenuous lockout.

It never happened.

Regardless, as of 1:10 P.M today, "podium watch" is still trending on twitter. 

That's because the podium is where it's been for the majority of the last 24 hours. Speculation would say they plan on putting the podium to use.

The NHL better hope they do. 

Of all the teases Hockey fans have dealt with during the lockout, this one is the largest.

That's why the most trusted NHL sources are saying today is the true make or break day of the 2012 NHL Lockout.

It seems there are still a few issues within the walls of the meeting room, but it really does feel like those issues aren't large enough to cancel the season. Either that, or the sides aren't far apart on these unknown issues that still haunt NHL fans day by day.

Today, NHL fans will continue to stare at a piece of wood over the computer awaiting the presence of their biggest enemy to declare the news that is long overdue.

Bettman has got to know this is the last push for all involved, and that's why big moves must be made.

If not, "podium watch" will come to an end. 

Which it did, as this article was wrapping up.

The NHL better hope that "podium watch" makes another return to the Twitter world.

All for good reason.

If not, professional Hockey won't be returning to any world.

All for no good reason.