Los Angeles Kings vs St Louis Blues Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 6:08 AM

When these two teams met last season, most people were expected long, hard-fought series. Instead, the Kings steamrolled the Blues in shocking fashion and swept them in four games.  The rest as we know, is history, but why are the Kings being favored this year?  A different team has won the Stanley Cup in each of the last nine seasons and I don't know if LA have it in them to go the distance again this time around.  I expect a much better showing from St Louis this year and I expect them to win the series.


Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild Betting Odds and Preview

on April 30 2013 5:33 AM

Do you think the Chicago Blackhawks are goint to steamroll the 8th seeded Minnesota Wild?  If so, you probably don't want to continue reading this article. Once we take a look at the betting odds, we find out that Chicago is favored by a full two games over Minnesota. This means that the Blackhawks must win this series in four or five games to make it worth a bet. Based on what I see, there is value to be had on the underdog Wild. Let's take a closer look at three factors to consider.


Put up your hand if you can look me in the eye and say Corey Crawford is capable of a Conne Smythe winning run. Crawford has put up excellent numbers this year, but this is not a guy who has proven anything to me yet.  When the pressure is on, Crawford is a very mixed bag. The talent is there, but is the consistency? The benefit he has going for him is the team in front of him controls possession a ridiculously 55.8% of the time and provides excellent goal support. Does he have to be great to win this series? No. But does he need to be great to wrap this up in four or five games? Probably, and I'm willing to bet against it happening.

San Jose Sharks Spend Offseason Growing a Pair, Defeat Vancouver Canucks 4-1

on January 28 2013 12:24 AM
San Jose Sharks Spend Offseason Growing a Pair, Defeat Vancouver Canucks 4-1


In previous seasons a physical game with the San Jose Sharks would go something like this:

Sharks:  Hey guy, that was dirty hit. That was really mean of you.

Opposing Player: Get over it man, we’re playing hockey. Oh is that your captain? I’m going to hit him in the back.

Sharks: You know what I think I should stand up for myself. I’m going to—oh looks like we already lost the game. Next time, I guess. Say, is Jeremy Roenick still playing?

And that’s how it has been for the last nine years. Every year, the Sharks would march in to the season with a ridiculously talented roster and then lose in the playoffs to a scrappy underdog whose only real accomplishment was leading the league in courage. This year, however, the Sharks are coming out with an edge and mowing down each opponent like it’s Chuck Norris versus the Teletubbies.

Take the Canucks tonight. Cheap shots galore. Early lead by the Sharks cut down to one on a bad luck deflection. Canucks pressing and causing a lot of turnovers in the Sharks’ zone. This would be where you expect the Sharks to begin to unravel.

The New York Rangers are Lacking That “Special Something” From Last Season.

on January 21 2013 10:56 AM
The New York Rangers are Lacking That “Special Something” From Last Season.

The New York Rangers entered the lockout-shortened 2013 NHL regular season as one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. After just two games the hype has all but turned into nerves after the team dropped their opening two games to the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins; two teams that many consider to be the two best in the Eastern Conference. It wasn’t just that the Rangers lost their opening two games; it’s that in those two games the Rangers have looked flat, out of sync, and for many stretches of play, just downright awful. The Rangers first two games were filled with the entire team making too many mistakes, both on the ice and in their heads, while taking way too many penalties to kill any momentum they may have found.

As many people have pointed out, this is why they have pre-season games, for teams to work out the kinks and get the mental mistakes out of the way.

NHL News: Toronto Maple Leafs Fire General Manager Brian Burke

on January 09 2013 1:25 PM
NHL News: Toronto Maple Leafs Fire General Manager Brian Burke

The hockey world got their first surprise of the shortened 2012-13 season. Just a few days before training camps open around the league, the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Brian Burke.


"Toronto Maple Leafs have apparently fired Brian Burke as general manager. Working on official confirmations."

It's not so much a shock that Burke was fired, but the timing of the firing. Obviously something drastic had to have happened over the last few days. If something out of the ordinary didn't happen, why did Burke keep his job before, during, and a few days after the lockout concluded? Especially after he made a key trade to beef up the strength of his forwards this offseason.

Burke sent defenseman Luke Schenn to the Philadelphia Flyers for forward James van Riemsdyk. Both players were top five picks but ultimately haven't lived up to the hype they brought in to each franchise. Burke wanted the Leafs to be more physical, and Van Riemsdyk surely fits the bill.