No. 1 Alabama at Missouri Preview: Mizzou looking for first SEC win as they host No. 1 Alabama

Nobody said it was going to be easy. When Mizzou joined the SEC, they knew it wasn't going to be easy. But they never imagined they'd still be looking for their first SEC win after three games into the conference schedule. Especially coming off of a game six matchup against conference cellar dweller Vanderbilt. So this week the Tigers strap it up again and hope to get that elusive first SEC win. Just one problem. There's a crimson colored runaway train heading down the tracks that just happens to be making its next stop in Columbus, MO. That runaway train is otherwise known as the undefeated, number one ranked, mercilessly resilient Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Not exactly the team you want to see coming into town when you are trying to earn your first SEC win.

Another obstacle the Tigers will have to overcome is no small hurdle. Starting quarterback James Franklin is out for the Tigers. Replacing Franklin is Redshirt Freshman quarterback Corbin Berkstresser. As a side note, Arkansas starting quarterback Tyler Wilson was replaced by a redshirt freshman quarterback for their game against the Tide; and all Alabama did was shut out Arkansas for the first time in over a decade while scoring 52 points in the process. Take that into account and you have yourself a three-touchdown point spread favoring the Tide. Not exactly the scenario you could hope for if you are wearing black and gold.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. Tide head coach Nick Saban has put together a team that shows up week after week garnishing a relentless defense, a physical and disciplined offense, and great in-game coaching to keep it all together. Nick Saban has a knack for keeping his teams focused and not looking ahead a seemingly inferior team. Not exactly the combination the Tigers would hope for.

Just this week Saban addressed the media and made sure he got his message across. "The teams that most of you in this room make head and shoulders above other teams obviously showed you how badly you can be all are badly mistaken when you make teams so much better than everybody else," said a feisty Saban. You can believe his message filtered throughout the locker room during the week to insure the Tigers are not taken lightly.

To add to the complications for the Tigers, the Crimson Tide are coming off of a convincing beating of Ole Miss, a team that runs a similar no-huddle, fast tempo style of offense.

The Tide defense is suffocating. The offense is efficient, one of only three teams with no interceptions this year. The coaching is impeccable and their players believe they will win every time they step on the field. 

No team has ever played a perfect game. But it's going to take an effort that nears perfection for the Tigers to have any chance of upsetting the Crimson Tide.

A recipe for upset? Not exactly.

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