It was a boring game all throughout except for the final minutes, Cody Journell kicked a 41 yard goal to send the game into overtime, the first game ever to head into extra minutes in Lane Stadium.

In overtime, a panicky Tevin Washington sent an errant pass that Kyle Fuller had intercepted and the crowd roared thunderously to reflect the game's dramatic end.

The Yellow Jackets defense went to work immediately after that and proved unrelenting that Logan Thomas rushed for no gain at 3rd and Goal.

But Cody Journell comes back once more to the rescue with six seconds left on the clock and nailed a 17 yard goal that saved the Hokies from what could have been already a lost game for them.

When the final buzzer sounded, the Hokies ended up the victorious side and subdued the Yellow Jackets 20-17.

Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington will surely be questioned for his late minute decisions in the game, which could have cost the Yellow Jackets a chance at the ACC title. The winner of this ACC coastal division match-up has gone on to play the ACC Championship in the last seven seasons.

The Yellow Jackets had successfully moved the ball within field goal range in the extra period when Washington was forced to scramble and sent a clearly hollow pass to the right side of the field, allowing Fuller to intercept the ball with not much difficulty.

One could say that the Hokies' defense had held its own so well in the extra period and had force Washington to panic and give up the ball loosely.

This game should be credited mainly to the heroics of Journell, who made the game winner in overtime as well as the 41 yard game tying goal with no time left in regulation.

Kyle Fuller shares the limelight as he made the biggest defensive play in the game, intercepting Washington's pass near the goal line when the game was so much on the line.