Many people feel that for the Buckeyes, this season means nothing. They say that there will be no bowl game, no league championship. They say that it will be nice to win, but what's the point? Yet what they don't realize is that they are absolutely wrong. 1.) The Buckeyes are currently 10-0 under Coach Meyer, and are looking very impressive. However, they will face a threat to their perfect season on November 24th when they square off against the Michigan Wolverines at the Horseshoe. The great thing about this is that there will be a number of optimistic recruits and Buckeye targets at the game. If Ohio State can pull off a victory against UM, they can potentially land quite a few recruits. 2.) There are always the polls. If the Buckeyes can stay perfect, they are looking at a high rank in the polls. Even the BCS, which has excluded Ohio State for a while now due to their NCAA sanctions concerning the tattoo scandal. 3.) People forget that the Buckeyes can still win their division title this year, even if they cannot play in the league championship and possibly a bowl game. Just remember, when you're in Ohio, and victories are scarce, a win is a win and it should be celebrated just like any other.