As the 2012/2013 season is coming to an end, Arsenal's Olivier Giroud is relishing the race for the Champions League places. 3rd and 4th place are still up for grabs with Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs fighting for the remaining Champions League spots while Everton even have an outside chance of doing so as well.


"Yes, the championship is until 19 May. There's eight games to play and a lot of points to play for. I trust in our qualities. I really think we can make fourth place and maybe even third if we continue to play like we are."

"We want to dictate the games. We are confident. We are used to finishing the championship well. And again this season we will do the same. Spurs have to play against Manchester City and Chelsea so it's hard games for them. But every game is difficult; we can see that Chelsea lost in Southampton. We have to keep focus, concentrated and strong."

When asked if Arsenal's rivals are or could cock up, the former Montpellier man responded.

"Yes, I think so. We're scoring lots of goals. We're playing well."

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