Never has one been so proud to be British. The 30th Olympiad brought prosperity and pleasure to a downbeat nation. It was a much needed boost for the people of Britain and it really made its citizens proud to be from the British Isles.

What an Olympics Britain hosted. A tiny nation off the coast of Europe hosted the biggest party, the World has ever seen. Danny Boyle did himself justice as he choreographed two amazing ceremonies.  It really put Britain back on the map and showed off it's amazing culture.

The opening ceremony brought together the history of Britain along with fantastic musical geniuses, literature greats and show stopping television personalities. It was a highlight packed show but for me the best highlight was certainly Mr Bean performing "Chariots of Fire". It was truly laugh out laugh comedy combined with the fantastic performing skills of Rowan Atkinson. When I saw her majesty the Queen and Daniel Craig jump out of a helicopter to the James Bond theme tune, I knew Britain had done it. That music gave me goose bumps as I realised Britain is responsible for such amazing exports.

As the sporting nature of the Olympics goes, Britain really out-did itself. Third on the medals table! What an amazing sporting feet for such a small nation. Only behind the two most powerful countries in the World: America and China. When one takes a step back and thinks about it, one realises how amazing it is. A nation of 61 million people came third! When China has over a billion and the US over 300 million, it's a real feet. I don't think this should be underestimated.

For me Any Murray beating Roger Federer was the highlight of the whole games. To come back and defeat the World number one, two weeks after he lost in the final of Wimbledon. Now Any Murray gets a lot of stick from the British public because of his outbursts about being Scottish and hating the English. However when he put on that Team GB shirt, he was a proud Brit. Not only did the London crowd believe in him, he believed in himself for once. A gold medal at his home Olympics won't be topped by Murray. I don't think a Wimbledon title will be as symbolic, as phenomenal or as patriotic as the Olympic gold.

Andy Murray did himself justice for once in his life, as did an array of other British athletes. We dominated cycling once again as Sir Chris Hoy and co won seven out of ten available gold medals. We also achieved greatness in rowing as Katherine Grainger finally won gold and in equestrian where the whole team performed miracles. Mo Farah, Jess Ennis and Craig Rutherford made Britain a powerful force in track and field once again. Their events were tear shredding moments of joy. Nobody believed we'd win gold and silver in canoeing but we did and once again we surprised the World. Britain's boxers also deserve a very special mention. They really did punch above their weight.

Obviously there were a few disappointments but on the whole they were made up by patriotic bursts of medals. Tom Daley picked up a bronze in the ten metre diving but we all believed he'd get a gold. Mark Cavendish was one of Team GB's greatest hopes of a medal but once again he failed to provide the glory. Louis Smith was marginally close to winning a gold in the pommel horse but he picked up a silver graciously. One can't complain as third place is well above Britain's level. Some say it's home advantage but with that comes home pressure. And some athletes faltered on the pressure.

The closing ceremony was a magnificent party. It was on par with the opening as we saw a medley of British music through the ages. Along with greats of British TV and cinema which included Only Fools and Horses and The Italian Job. Russell Brand played Willy Wonka and Timothy Spall played Churchill brilliantly. The highlight was the ending as The Who performed that timeless classic, Baba O'Riley.

I think Britain should be proud as we showed off our music, cinema, television, literature, heritage, culture and not least sporting greats. Danny Boyle or Sir Danny Boyle as I'm sure he'll be known as soon, made a nation happy and powerful once again. As Seb Coe said "Britain did it right".