Watching these two storied programs trudge through mediocrity is like watching Cuba Gooding Jr. trade in his Rod Tidwell persona to play dentist in Snow Dogs or Allen Iverson ballin' for Be?ikta? of the Turkish Basketball League.

On Saturday, the Hurricanes were obliterated 52-13 by Kansas State. Somewhere in a prison penitentiary, Nevin Shapiro is patting himself on the back or at least, he hopes that's his own hand.

Very soon, an entire generation will know The U. only as a lowercase vowel and middling ACC program. Like Miami, Penn State has been floored by recent revelations made by program insiders serving lengthy bids behind bars.  On Saturday, crossbars were Penn State's enemy.

Of the Nittany Lions' high profile roster departures during the programs offseason exodus, placekicker Anthony Fera's transfer to Texas was lost in the mix. Penn State fans noticed as his replacement, Sam Ficken, left a dozen points on the board in Penn State's 17-16 loss.

17 years ago, Sports Illustrated published a memorable issue detailing the reasons, The University of Miami should drop football.  

After the NCAA levied it's heavy handed punishment against Penn State in June, a large percentage of fans believed the program would spend the next four years enduring a 'fate worse than death' (penalty). If you're aware of that phrase's origins, then the Nittany Lions may be stuck in an appropriate purgatory.