The New York Giants have Eli Manning. The Dallas Cowboys have Tony Romo (for now, at least), and even the long quarterback troubled Washington Redskins found the future of their franchise in Robert Griffin III. The NFC East should continue to be one of the more competitive divisions in the NFC with the rise of the Redskins last season coupled with the realization that the Giants won't stay down for very long as long as they continue to find talent the way that they do.

That's more than the Eagles can say, who are beginning a new regime under former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, who has come into the league with more questions than answers. An offensive guru of the spread offense at the University of Oregon, Kelly's system predicated itself on mobile, more athletic quarterbacks to make his offenses among the best in college football. But thus far, he has made no real moves at quarterback that even hints at who he could name the starter, with his only move being the addition of Dennis Dixon, who he signed from the Baltiomore Ravens practice squad. Dixon played under Chip Kelly during his years as the Ducks' offensive coordinator and is familiar with how he runs his offense. But thus far in his career, Dixon has opreated in a backup quarterback role since being drafted by the Steelers in 2008, and whether he has starting capability is in question.
But what made it even more confusing is that he kept Michael Vick, who's injury woes continued and many thought would be on the market, as well as Nick Foles, a product of former head coach Andy Reid, who took the same position with the Kansas City Chiefs. Foles was though to be possible trade bait to reunite with his former coach, as he showed potential when stepping into the starting role in Vick's absence, but the Chiefs opted to acquire Alex Smith, ruling out the Foles trade. The Eagles have three quarterbacks that remain a possbility, while the possibbilty remains that they could acquire one in the draft, with recent rumors being that they could go after Geno Smit in the upcoming draft.
While Vick could be a more natural fit in the offense Kelly may want to run, the more pocket comfortable Foles has stated that he is capable of running Kelly's read option offense. In addition, his young age and upside could make him a more viable option, but the question remains as to whether he is in the Eagles' future at quarterback. After all, teams like the New York Jets, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Arizona Cardinals could all use a young quarterback, especially with the reluctance to draft a quarterback high in this class, which pales in comparison to a 2013 class that included Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Robert Wilson.
But despite all this, there's only one man who knows what his plans at quarterback will be, and who he wants to run his offense. And that's Chip Kelly. If the Eagles want to get back on even footing with the Redskins and the Giants, they must figure out their problems on offense, lest they continue their downward trend that made up most of their 2012 season. If Kelly can't find that answer at quarterback, his tenure with the Eagles won't last as long as he may hope.