Each time Michael Vick takes a bad hit, equivalents to each time he will miss a snap. Vick is no longer the Vick that we used to see when he was with the Falcons. Skill wise, yes; but health wise, not so much.

Vick will sit out the remainder of the pre-season with bruised ribs. This is not the first time he has had this type of injury. Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles strongly believe that Vick will be ready for Week 1, and he very much may be so, but he won't be 100% healthy.

Vick is probably the most elusive quarterback the game has ever seen. He runs, and jukes, and spins, and he is a weapon as soon as he crosses the line of scrimmage, but by having the gift to be able to do that, comes a great risk. Vick doesn't wear a flap jacket, the protective vest that quarterbacks usually wear to protect themselves from hits such as the ones that Vick suffers from. This is the main reason why Vick is inactive a lot of the times, and is the reason why a majority of his injuries are "bruised ribs."

In two preseason games, Vick is 4-7 with a mere 11 passing yards. He hasn't been looking that well in preseason, and he will go into the September 5th against the Browns with two suspect performances.

In three seasons as starting quarterback for the Eagles, Vick has failed each year to successfully play in every single game. In both the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons, Vick played in only 12 games. In the 2011-2012 season, Vick played in 13 games. The missed games are due to his injuries, and his ribs.

In the 2012-2013 season, Michael Vick will only play in 11 games. He is 32, and the way he continues to sustain injuries, it would just be unhealthy for him to keep playing at a high level such as the NFL. Herm Edwards on ESPN yesterday said that he believes Vick will play in 13 games this season, but I think that is too generous. Either Vick needs to wear a flap jacket, or needs to start using his "elusiveness" and escape from every single lineman that comes his way.