Philadelphia Eagles News: Time For Andy Reid Replace Mike Vick With Nick Foles At Quarterback?

Maybe it is time.

Despite the sensible rationale presented by the small, but vocal “cooler heads prevail” crowd in Philadelphia, perhaps the Nick Foles era should get started. Now. Today. Without further delay.

Sure, the move would be seen as a sign of panic, of the Eagles putting the proverbial cart before the horse, apparently scrapping the remainder of this season in favor of what the future may hold with kickstarting a young quarterback’s career at the helm.

The “sane” thinking says that the team will fare better if Michael Vick remains the starter. He’s a veteran, been in the Birds’ system for three years now. He brings athletic skills to the table that no other signal-caller in the NFL does. He’s had success in the league before coming to Philly, and just two years ago he was the toast of the town.

Besides, at 2-1, with Vick directing two last-minute, game-winning drives to open the campaign, why change?

Good question, and one that could keep Andy Reid hesitant from taking the reins away from Vick and handing them over to his rookie out of Arizona. The only thing is, with how Vick has played, or how the team has played with him at QB not just this season, but last as well, do the Eagles really have a shot to make some noise this season? Can they really make a run at the postseason, never mind the Super Bowl?

Are their chances actually better with Vick than with Foles?

The cold, hard numbers have to make a person wonder. Consider this: Since directly the Birds to eight wins in his first 11 appearances in 2010, Vick has gone 9-7 as the Eagles’ starting QB. Not bad, but not great, either. He’s thrown for 4,208 yards while completing 59 percent of his passes. Nice stats. Here are the ones that really stand out, though: 24 and 24. The former would stand for his touchdowns, passing and rushing, and the latter his turnovers.

This season alone he has coughed it up seven times with the opposition gaining possession for the next snap. He’s only kept that number to single digits after three games by pouncing on his own mishandles or having a linebacker drop an easy interception.

Foles? He won over the masses with preseason appearances not just with his production, but with how he moved the offense along as everyone had envisioned it to go under Reid’s tutelage.

In short, he appears to fit the scheme. He utilizes his weapons. He follows the “program,” and, in turn, the program adapts to not putting everything on his shoulders.

With Vick, too often things just become schoolyard in style – not even at his choosing, but out of necessity to save his own hide due to offensive line breakdowns, overkill on the passing portion of the run-pass ratio and his own inability to either read defenses or trust his receivers to get open.

So, maybe it is time to make the move.

Just don’t expect Reid to make it before this week’s contest against NFC East rival and defending champion New York Giants.


The Eagles plan to honor former fan favorite Brian Dawkins during Sunday night’s game by retiring his No. 20 ceremony as part of a halftime ceremony. The nine-time Pro Bowl safety played for the Birds from 1996 through 2009. He finished his career with two seasons in Denver before retiring this offseason. A second-round draft pick out of Clemson, Dawkins earned All-Pro honors six times in his career and was named to the NFL’s 2000s All-Decade Team. He is eligible for, and expected to receive, induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.