For the Philadelphia Eagles, their bye week is surrounded by many questions surrounding the 3-3 team and coaching staff. At the beginning of this week, the Eagles fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. This was the first time in head coach Andy Reid's 14 year career with Philadelphia that coach was fired mid-season. This coming after owner Jeffrey Lurie announced another 8-8 season would not be acceptable. It has become clearer than ever that the team may be playing for Reid's job this season. 

It is no secret that this year has been hard for Reid and his family. During training camp, Reid's son was found dead in his room at Leigh University, where the team holds training camp. Just this week it was determined that the cause of death was an accidental heroin overdose. While the beginning of the season for the Eagles looked fine in the record books, with a 3-1 record, the 3 close wins and 1 blow out left the city questioning Reid yet again. After blowing 4th quarter leads in back to back weeks to bring the record to .500, Reid's job is less secure than ever. 

Reid is the longest tenured coach in the NFL after 14 seasons in Philadelphia. Throughout his career and especially of late, the city of brotherly love has been quick to judge the coach and his lack of time management skills, use of time outs and play calling among other things. While Reid has brought 6 NFC East division titles, 5 NFC championship appearances and a Super Bowl appearance, the lack of a Super Bowl ring has been a hot topic in Philly. 

After 14 season, it may be time for a change in Philadelphia. Andy Reid has been a great coach in his time, but there needs to be a shake up on this team to get them back on the right track. There's close to no chance that a change at head coach would happen mid-season, but an offseason change could become likely after another mediocre season. So, as the Eagles enter the rest of their season, they know what they are playing for, and their performance may not only determine if they make the playoffs but also if Andy Reid will be employed this offseason.