Some random thoughts, a few potshots and maybe even a requested shot for the future following a weekend of pro football (sans the Monday Night, um, nightmare) …

– Kudos to the Steelers for “gutting it out” Sunday, flying into the NYC area and then going out and beating the defending champion Giants, but next time, let’s chill out on the whining about the inconvenience of having to air it out in first class on a chartered plane on gameday.

– Team statline of the weeked: Pittsburgh outgained its host, 349 yards to 182, en route to earning a 35:15 to 24:45 advantage on time of possession. That spelled a 24-20 victory for our poor, tired and put-out professional athletes.

– Aaron Rodgers goes 14-for-30 … and the Packers win? Wonders never cease. Then again, the game’s top QB did throw four TDs and only one pic against sky-is-falling Arizona, too.

– Apparently, this Andrew Luck kid ain’t too bad for the Colts. Threw for 433 yards and two TDs in a win against Miami – whose own rookie QB (Ryan Tannehill) hasn’t been an anchor to his offense, either.

– Seattle’s season-long tease continues. The Seahawks derailed another foe who entered their house, this time the Vikingsd, and hardly looked lights-out in doing so – although the pass D is pretty darn good.

– Kinda scary when Chris Johnson actually shows up for Tennessee, racks up 141 yards and a TD on the ground … and the Titans still lose … by 31. Something is, um, amiss there.

– Pretty cool matchup in DC, pitting the past two Heisman winners against one another. RG3 won the statistical battle, but Cam Newton came out on top to end Carolina’s five-game slide.

– Doug Martin … ahhh, wow. The Bucs’ first-year RB was a good player at Boise State, but 251 rushing yards this week just seven days after rolling up 135, that’s a little better than expected or advertised.

– Carolina LB Luke Kuechly was expected and advertised to be a tackling machine. He is living up to the billing now, thanks to 15 stops Sunday and 52 all told in his last four games.

– Martin’s Tampa Bay teammate Lavonte David, though, one-upped Kuechly, registering 16 stops against Oakland. Like Kuechly, he’s a first-year player. Unlike Kuechly, he wasn’t a high first-rounder (just a mid-second).

– Can Eagles coach Andy Reid just rip off the Band-Aid already and make Nick Foles the starter at QB before a snap is taken in New Orleans on Monday night? The Michael Vick era is over in Philly. Move on. Now.