Being based in the UK, I am used to and immune from the biannual pantomime in football known as the transfer window. I am sure though that my friends in the United States must sit and scratch their heads at such a sight. Normally level-headed businessmen, players and managers suddenly take on the demeanour of rabid dogs, battling with each other over the last scrap of meat on the carcass. It also seems to be a peculiarly British thing! The British are still considered slightly reserved and insular, yet twice a year all hell is let loose, with normally sensible people acting like madmen until the last gasp at the stroke of 11 o`clock ( yes that metaphor again), they can once again revert back to being sensible, judicious people. It is almost like Dracula and his swarm of vampires feasting ravenously on the blood of their victims until the dawn light means they must retire once again into the darkness from which they came!

Sky Sports TV even has a special program dedicated to it called mundanely enough "Deadline Day", with dedicated presenters, specially picked for their ability to induce bulging eyes and a hysterical voice every time the vide printer whirrs into action and another "deadline day deal" is purported to be on its way. There are `special` reporters stationed outside every Premier League teams training ground in case anyone is seen entering the premises who is not a player of that club. How many times has the cleaning lady or the milkman been mistaken for a new clandestine signing, I have lost count!

What we should remember in all of this mayhem, is that the UK and Europe are in the grip of supposed financial austerity measures, some so draconian that people are being forced into using food banks, similar to the bread queues in the Great Depression in the US. So why does football have this financial nonsense every year? The argument from EUFA was that it was disruptive in the past to have transfer requests or clubs making bids for players during the season. Yet now, we have this pantomime every six months!

This is one of the prime reasons why EUFA and M. Platini has brought the Financial Fair Play rules into being, not just for the moral fairness of such a policy, but for the sanity of the rest of us mere mortals who have to watch super rich footballers courted like royalty by billionaires with so much money they can`t spend it quickly enough, whilst their subjects back home live in dire poverty!

Personally, I collect the grand kids and head for the hills without my mobile phone every time this maelstrom occurs and avoid the newspapers for a few days until normal service is resumed as if nothing has happened!

Oh Well, only 149 days 14 hours..........