This season sees Manchester City start as the Champions of England. It still hurts many United fans to hear that but they have to soldier on. I think it's clear that the top two will be contested between Manchester. I think Chelsea will be there until after Christmas but I can see them dropping off by Easter.

So if Chelsea take third, who will take the illusive fourth place and that illustrious Champions League spot?

Arsenal are always up there. When they lost Nasri people were writing them off. When they lost Fabregas people were writing them off. Oh look now they've lost van Persie people are writing them off. It's too dangerous to do this with Arsenal. "In Arsene We Trust" and damn right they should. Time and time again Arsene Wenger losses top players but makes it into the Champions League.

Tottenham were unlucky not to be in the Champions League this season. However the loss of Harry Redknapp and with Modric on the way out, I can't see Spurs contesting for fourth place. I think the Europa League is the best that they can play for. But you never know in football.

Newcastle are experiencing miracles under Alan Pardew. Funny to think that after Chris Hughton was sacked, many criticised Mike Ashley for appointing Pardew. But now he's the saviour of the Toon. For me they are the best bet for fourth place.

Liverpool need time to adapt to Brendan Rodgers' philosophy. They were extremely unconformable against West Brom but that will come with experience of playing the Rodgers' way. They'll always battle like a top four team but have they got the squad to challenge? I don't think so.

Everton always make the top eight. However this is probably their best chance of sneaking fourth spot they've had in at least the last six years. It's wide open with Spurs and Liverpool in transition and Arsenal without van Persie. Let's see what David Moyes can do!