It all ends on Sunday, May 13.

Let's take a look at what we have got.

Manchester United vs Sunderland, Manchester City vs QPR

What's at stake?

1.   For the Manchester duo it's the English Premier League Title. The ultimate prize .

2.   The bragging rights as to who is the real deal in Manchester

3.   For QPR it could mean survival and another year in top flight football.

If QPR manage a draw at Eastland's and United win against Sunderland it's all over for City. For QPR even a draw will ensure them safety. For United only City's failure can get them the title even if they defeat Sunderland. One thing for sure whatever be the outcome of these games you are going to see lot of emotional scenes at both the venues.

Everton vs Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham, West Brom vs Arsenal

What's at stake?

Champions League Football

If Chelsea lose to Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final, the third and fourth place Premier League clubs will participate in the 2012-2013 Champions League season. Should Chelsea defeat Bayern Munich, only Chelsea and the top three finishers will play in Champions League next season.

If Newcastle Tottenham and Arsenal win on Sunday, then Arsenal and Spurs will qualify depending on how Chelsea fare in the Finals. Newcastle have done very well this season and if they manage a Champions League spot this would be a hard earned prize for their efforts all season. For Spurs and Arsenal, Champions League would mean a way to attract new players to their side and build from there.

Stoke City vs Bolton

If Bolton win and QPR lose against Manchester City only this will save Bolton from relegation. Any other outcome would mean Relegation for Owen Coyle's team.  Pretty simple.

All games start at the same time and after 90 minutes of football we will finally get to know who is crowned as the Champions of England