Premier League Season 2012 – A Hollywood movie in making?

Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson would have taken ages to figure out..........

 Had Christopher Nolan made a movie on it he would have produced another blockbuster after Inception and Batman series but what about the climax...........

After watching this week's matches only one thing comes to mind.

What Just Happened............

After 31 rounds of matches the league table has still not revealed itself.

In a league of Twenty Teams there are plenty of mini battles being played

Battle for the Champions of England

For the title it's Manchester City who are locked in battle with their glorious neighbors Manchester United. Both sides refuse to take upper hand in the title race and allow their rival to still be in the race.30th April will be the day when these 2 face each other but before that there is a lot more football to be played. United lead the race with 5 points but with away game to Man City coming up, a blip could bring City back into reckoning.

Race for the Champions League Spot

This year the competition for Champions League spots have intensified. With 2 spots taken by the Manchester duo that leaves us with 2 spots. We have Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United within 5 points of each other. Over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see who goes through. Arsenal and Chelsea have themselves to blame for their current position. Spurs have remained consistent enough to be in contention for the Champions League .Newcastle has been the surprise package this season. Although with a very outside chance of making it to the Champions League they have stirred the pot and made things interesting.


This was meant to be Liverpool's season with new players coming in but it's just gone the opposite way. With a return of 8 points from a possible 36 since the start of new year , this is club's worst run in the league since 1954.With still a few games are left and it will be interesting to see how Liverpool end their season. Now its more about the pride. As a collective unit if the team can end the season with wins in the league and a possible FA cup title it would go a long way in restoring the confidence of players and supporters.

Survival Battle

Wolves look certain to be relegated. But there are 4 teams within 1 point of each other. Out of Wigan, QPR, Blackburn and Bolton 2 teams would join Wolves in the Championship next season.QPR have the toughest run and Wigan come a close second. Bolton has the easiest schedule. All four relegation contenders have their futures in their own hands. It should go down to the last day of the season, and two sets of supporters will rejoice. 

Every week the unpredictable and the least expected happens.

As we come towards the climax of another intriguing season the League Table will reveal its identity.

Premier League: The Plot Thickens