Premier League: Top 5 Strikers in the EPL

The Barclays Premier League is widely considered as the best league in the world. However, which team can boast the best striker in the league? Here is an unbiased top-five list of the Premier League's top five strikers.

5) Fernando Torres may have had a bumpy few years. However the old cliché has never more true than when speaking about Torres. Form is temporary but class is permanent. It's a phrase that everyone associates with El Nino but it's completely true and Torres shows little glimpses of his ability from time to time.

Many blame his confidence for his poor form but that surely can't be the only reason. Whatever the reason for his form at Chelsea, he did show his class at Euro 2012 and in the later part of last season. Torres is a truly great Premier League striker that only needs to win the league title to have won everything worth winning.

4) Carlos Tevez has also had had his critics. However his critics don't question his form or his goal scoring prowess. It's his attitude that turns many heads and raises many eyebrows. Leaving England without permission, not warming up when asked to and provoking Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson are just a few episodes in the life of Tevez.

Nevertheless he is a brilliant striker. One has to think that if he was available for Mancini for the whole of last season, they wouldn't have left the league title to the last day. He would have chipped in with dozens of goals and he would have formed a deadly partnership with compatriot Sergio Aguero.

3) Sergio Aguero is the best Argentine in the Premier League. He only joined Manchester City last season but he immediately made an impact. Aguero led Manchester City to their first Premier League title and beat their Manchester rivals to the championship. Aguero is so naturally gifted that he can score with his eyes closed. Finding the net for Aguero isn't difficult.

Next season looks very promising for Aguero as he is now fully acclimated to England. There's no doubt he will score a vast amount of goals next season and his Premier League career looks to be filled with silverware. Unlike Tevez, Aguero isn't a drama queen neither is he in the press, week in week out. Well at least not in England.

2) Robin van Persie proved many doubters wrong last season. He finished as the top scorer, beating Wayne Rooney to the Golden Boot. Van Persie had the best season of his Premier League career. Not only did he score the most in the league but he also managed to score spectacular goals along with a few simple tap-ins.

His volleys against Liverpool and Everton stand out from last season but he also managed to score a magnificent free kick against Sunderland. He isn't the typical goal scorer but he sure does act like one. Hopefully he stays in the Premier League next season and doesn't do Italy or Spain a favour.

1) Wayne Rooney is the best striker in England. He has it all: Short passing, long passing, worth ethic, strength, aerial ability, penalties, free-kicks, vision, leadership and finishing ability. Perhaps the only thing that lets him down is his attitude. However that seems to have been fixed as he only received one yellow card last season. No other striker in England has everything that Rooney has.

Some might say a striker only needs to score goals but when you finish second top scorer and have a far better ability in everything else, you bring more to the table and therefore, you are a better striker. His long passing is one of his best attributes and rivals most central midfielders in the world. That's not bad for an English centre forward. Many may disagree but in my opinion Rooney has more attributes than any other striker in England.

Honorable Mention:

Unfortunately, Papiss Cisse, Darren Bent, Javier Hernandez, Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko all just missed out.