Premier League Transfer News: Chelsea And Manchester City Set To Battle It Out To Sign Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo

According to reports via The Daily Mail, Real Madrid's super star forward Cristiano Ronaldo, is all set to leave Real Madrid over a bust-up in wage demands and it could happen as soon as January.

The Mail suggest that the Portuguese international captain wants to be the highest earner in football, or to at least match Samuel Eto'o, who is the current top earner. 

They go on to claim that there are only a few clubs who can afford to pay Ronaldo's wages, and it is Manchester City and Chelsea who are the lead contenders, with Paris Saint-Germain closely following the situation as well. 

27-year-old Ronaldo has been the subject of recent fall-outs between himself and members of the Madrid backroom staff, leading him to publicly state that he has become 'sad' at the club. Speculation has continued to surround the reasons of his sadness and it has recently been claimed that it is in fact over his high wage demands.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is known for his ambitious signings and will be monitoring the situation along with Manchester City's rich Arab owners, who would also be eager to bring Ronaldo back to England.

Ronaldo is currently 10th in the world's highest earners list, bringing home a net £7.98 million, but he is targetting a 50% increase, which will bring him up to around £11.8 million net. 

It is a complicated situation with Ronaldo's image rights being half owned by Madrid, along with Spain's new tax laws, it has created a lot of tension and sadness for the former Manchester United hero.

Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid for over £80 million and it is said that this is the fee that bidding will start around with the player eventually looking to be sold for a staggering £100 million. 

It seems the issue is too complicated to be solved at Real Madrid and a move is inevitable for Ronaldo, who could yet be gracing the Premier League with his talented, dramtic and controversial prescence once again. 


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