Premier League Transfer News: The Truth Behind Wesley Sneijders Transfer Impasse

It was only 18 months ago that Wesley Sneijder was the hottest transfer story in the world of football. It seemed that not a day went by without there being another transfer story about him and Manchester United, who were chasing his signature. At that time, he was being valued at around £35m by his club, Inter Milan, and his wages at that time were quoted as being around £200,000 a week after tax! So what can have changed so dramatically since then?

In the last week Sneijder has been pondering a move to Galataseray in Turkey. With all due respect to them, that is hardly the sort of destination a player with Sneijder`s background would have contemplated even last year. However, the facts are that there has not been any bids at all for his services from any of the top Premier League clubs in this transfer window.. This is despite his agent having touted him all over the UK in the last month. The transfer fee being discussed between Milan and Galataseray is around £8m! That is a long way from the £35 m quoted last year. Why would Inter Milan suddenly be prepared to accept a mere quarter of his previous value?

I have had my sources out and about and it seems that there is more to this than meets the eye! For starters, it seems that Jose Mourinho tipped off Sir Alex Ferguson about Sneijder in a recent meeting. Remember that he was Sneijder’s manager at Inter Milan when they won the Champions League. Whilst I cannot find out exactly what was said, it seems that all is not well with Mr Sneijder. Either it is a physical condition, or a mental one, but it seems that he is not welcome at Old Trafford any more.

There is no coincidence that Sir Alex has not shown the slightest interest in Sneijder this term. He has built his reputation on shrewd player purchases. However, it now seems that Sneijder’s agent may have found a mug to take him on. Reports today suggest that Liverpool would be interested in taking him if he will reduce his wages by £100,000 a week! I will leave you to decide what his response will be to that!

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