It's all about who blinks first in the last game of the Premier League season.

Manchester United faces Sunderland while Manchester City faces Queens Park Rangers in their final match of the season. A slender eight-goal difference is what separates them from earning the title.

For United, it has just been another season in the top tier while for their city rivals it has been about hard work, abilities, and all the money they have pumped into the team. Anything lesser than winning the title would be absolutely unsatisfactory for this club.

It was the same with Chelsea with the dawn of the Roman Abramovich era. City needed everything, along with luck, to go their way this season, but a team like United thinks otherwise -- always performing to the full and keeping pace with their ardent challengers. United have capitalized on the losses of the opponents and have grown on their own victories.

With all the drama for the fight at the top four this season, it is clear how United have engraved themselves in that coveted spot. Unlike Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, or City, they have not been about the money but about the team.

United may lose battles but always are up there to win the war, while  City are doing nothing wrong to slip from the top spot.

Who will win the title will be decided in the last match, as City and United will do everything they can to obliterate their opponents.