So you're a big NFL fan, huh? You ARE ready for some football, and you're willing to pay for it, for all of it, especially when Directv has significantly dropped the price for their NFL Season Ticket package. But when starting to look at some of the numbers, you may come to the conclusion that you're more than comfortable saving the $200 you would have spent. There are 256 regular season games to be broadcasted this season. Fans might be surprised to know that they have more access to games than they maybe would have thought they did. 

A market will provide games of the local team each week, and when said team appears on national television, a replacement game is granted. There is also the two additional games on the opposite network, either CBS or Fox. That's three games on the two networks each Sunday afternoon. But a hardcore fan wants to see a lot of games, and is more than eager to plunk down a couple Benjamins to make that fantasy happen.

If one has the NFL Network as part of his basic cable or satellite package, he'll receive thirteen games this year as part of the expanded Thursday night lineup. NBC's schedule will provide an additional nineteen televised games, while ESPN will give out seventeen Monday Night Football matchups, including a double-header during the season's opening week. While closely looking at the 256 scheduled NFL games, it is shocking to realize that only 60 percent of those games would be those you could only get with Sunday Ticket.
If the consumer chooses not to purchase the package through Directv, he will still receive roughly 39 percent of the NFL games on the season. A typical non-bye week would include sixteen games, with at least six of those being contest you can get through your local cable or satellite provider. This is fatoring in the home market games, the two other Sunday afternoon network games, as well as those broadcast by NBC, ESPN, and the NFL Network.
To be clear, Directv made an incredibly smart business decision when it chose to drop the price of this package by over $130. Over the last several seasons, the likelihood that the satellite giant was pricing even the ardent of fans out of this product is pretty significant. That said, when roughly 100 of the 256 games come to your television without releasing extra money, it does give one pause when considering whether or not to buy this package.