Most post-game news conferences are the same.

After a disappointing loss, coaches tend to be irritated and are short with their answers. Often times, coaches come up with excuses as to why they lost and what the referees called, or didn't call for that matter. It is a rarity to find a coach who maintains his class and composure in a disappointing defeat.

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is one of those rare coaches.

During his post-game interview after the Spartans' loss to Louisville, Izzo was thoughtful, calm, and respectful. Instead of trying to make excuses as to why his team lost, he recognized the reasons, saying that they were out-rebounded and were not on their shooting game.

Basically, Izzo was refreshingly candid as to why Michigan State lost. But he also did it without putting his team down and didn't deny giving Louisville the credit they deserved.

Many times we don't see that in the sports world. Most of the time, coaches play the blame game, or are around the bush with reasons why their team came up short.

The lesson that coaches need to learn at every level, from grammar school all the way to college, is that there are times where the other team earned the victory.

Period. The end. No excuses to be made or fingers to be pointed. 

Izzo learned that lesson a long time ago.

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