After going through the letter from JW Henry to Liverpool FC supporters, my conclusion is that, the owners of LFC are trying to re-invent the wheels. If truly your ambition is to build for the future, you should have gone the Arsenal way. Arsenal brought in a coach who had won a trophy in France with Monaco FC and in Japan, that is Arsene Wenger. When he came to Arsenal, he first brought in some good and talented young players in Tierry Henry, Denis Bergkamp, Patrick Vierra, Kanu Nwankwo etc. and kept bulk of players he met in the team, which made them stronger and they went on to win trophies. This tactics made the Club attractive to young player who had that belief that they too could get to the top if they join Arsenal. "Our emphasis is to develop our own players using the skills of an increasing impressive coaching team." If that is what's on your mind, why did you not bring in a coach who has that experience in building a team without breaking the bank and develop the Academy as a feeder to the main team. Chelsea FC did that with Brendan Rogers but we all know that all the players in his Academy did not make the grade before he left to start his managerial career. He is not a coach who has a name that will attract player to LFC and bring the Club back to its glory days.


"It will take time for Brendan to instil his philosophy into the squad and build exactly what he needs for the long term." When I hear people talk about Brendan's philosophy, it sounds as if he invented a philosophy that no coach had ever played before and he keeps talking about some players not good enough to play in that philosophy. A good coach finds a way to accommodate the players he has and build a variety of systems that will help his team to compete and win games. This is where Sir Alex is an expert. He arranges his team based on what the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition are. A couple of seasons ago, he played Arsenal in the FA Cup with seven defenders and three strikers and won the game. The philosophy that Brendan talks about is what Barcelona plays and when there is an opposition that contains them, they become confused and loose because there is no plan B. (Jose Mourinho is a master at neutralizing that philosophy). Moreover, Brendan plays the philosophy wrongly by having his Central defenders and goalkeeper keep possession of the ball for too long, which invites the opposite attackers to force them into making mistakes that had caused LFC goals. When you see LFC having 55% to 60% of possession in a match half of that is by the center backs and goalkeeper, so when it is time for them to do their job of defending the goal, they are tired. He should watch Barcelona transit from the back to the attackers and see that the midfielders are always happy to have the ball and spread it to the wings. Until he gets a midfielder like Xavi or Iniesta who is comfortable with the ball at his feet, LFC will struggle to play his philosophy. His instruction to the players to retrieve the ball when they loose it in seven seconds is also flawed. "The man without the ball is more dangerous", so the instruction his midfielders to go get the ball at the same time will always cause LFC supporters pain in the season ahead. This happened in the matches with West Brom and Arsenal, when Steven Gerard lost the ball twice and goals were scored on both occasions through counter attacks. A pass beat all of them.


My advice to Mr. Rogers is that the job of your goalkeeper is to stop shots and not to play as much as he is doing now and let your defenders do their own job of defending their territory. Let the team move the ball quickly into midfield and let the midfielders do most of the job of spreading the ball to the wings. Let Steven G run less, he is not as young as you think, he should be the controller of the team just as Xavi does in Barcelona. Let him dictate the pace and the direction of play, this is only when you will get the best out of him and the team. Be bold to make the hard decisions. Luis Suarez has been poor since the beginning of the season and has been the problem of the team. Most times he plays for himself and wants to play in a sensational way and score spectacular goals. He should learn to make it simple and that makes him unpredictable to the opposition. Sometimes be like SAF who can leave his best players on the bench and give the young players the confidence to go out there and play. And please don't burnout that young man Raheem Sterling. In the last two games, he was tired yet you kept him on. Sometimes bring him on when the opposition is tired. This will help his development.