Real Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool Transfer Rumors: Ronaldo, Sterling, Coentrao Speculation

Ronaldo and Coentrao

The Express  recently said that Manchester city are “set to send shockwaves through Europe” as they prepare a £134m bid for the Real Madrid duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Fabiop Coentrao.  This would be a truly spectacular affair, and if the move does come through, then it would surely sting the red half of Manchester, Old Trafford was the ground in which Ronaldo was first discovered.

It must be said, however, that Ronaldo in particular, has mentioned nothing about moving to the Premier League, and is continuing to have a really successful career in La Liga. It may be that the sticking point will be personal terms.

With Manchester City taking the “money no object” approach, I’m certain they could fork-over the funds for almost any player in the world, but no matter how much money they offer, they cannot make the player join them. Therefore, while I believe that City could easily offer the money that Madrid want, we won’t be seeing Ronaldo or Coentrao in a sky blue shirt any time soon.

Theo Walcott leaving?

After yet another famous Arsenal contract saga, it would appear that Theo Walcott is set to walk away from a long-term offer by the Gunners. Arsene Wenger recently set a deadline for the young England international, if he hadn’t agreed a contract by January then he would be sold in that window. January is just around the corner, and no news of an agreement yet.

It is possible that Walcott is following in van Persie’s foot-steps, and intends to leave for the tantalizingly large pay-packets, on the other hand, it could be that like many Arsenal fans, he is just fed up with the lack of success in recent years. One thing that Arsenal players seem not to understand, if you all keep leaving, you make it harder to win anything.

A possible route for the Right-winger is to beloved club Liverpool, this would seem likely as Wenger has expressed interest in Liverpools’ Raheem Sterling, dictating a possible part-exchange on the cards.

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