Real Madrid News: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Sad At Real Madrid

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has made a shocking confession that he is not happy at the club claiming it as a professional issue. Ronaldo said he is upset with the people in the club after Real Madrid registered their first victory of the league.

Ronaldo was the catalyst in Madrid's 3-0 win over Granada on Sunday. Ronaldo scored twice and refused to celebrate after scoring his 149th and 150th goal for the Spanish Giants.

Ronaldo has refused to comment as in why he is unhappy at the club. The Portuguese International's comments have sparked rumors in the Spanish press that he is looking to leave Madrid.

"I'm sad because of a professional issue and the club knows why. That's why I didn't celebrate the goals, because I'm not happy. The people know why."

"It's nothing to do with Iniesta. I won't talk about this any more and I will concentrate on Portugal for now. There are more important things"

"The people at the club know about this. I can't say any more" Ronaldo told reporters after the match.

Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain said that he didn't know Ronaldo was unhappy.

"I see him as being fine. He scored two goals so I believe that he is happy. My teammates and I all see him well" said Higuain.

First it was the Brazilian International Kaka who expressed his desire to leave the club and now Ronaldo says he's "sad" at the Spanish club. The Portuguese has been vital for the Spanish Giants latest success and Ronaldo's confession will be matter to worry for Jose Mourinho.