Real Madrid News: Messi Leads  Ronaldo After Round 1 of La Liga

At the outset, it should be noted that this is not a debate of academic proportions. It is no research on a long time scale. But Cristiano Ronaldo failed to find the net against Valencia in Real Madrid's first Liga outing. Should it be a cause for concer? There is not much to be concerned about considering only one game has been played. But such has been the level of Ronaldo's scoring output that even one barren game is bound to raise a lot of questions on everyone's mind.

Honestly, the debate is not a substantive one. Certain observations should be made in this regard though. Gonzalo Higuain score the only goal, albeit with some difficulty, as Madrid drew Valencia 1-1 at Santiago Bernabeu. On statistics, Real Madrid caused Valencia numerous problems and if anyone other than Diego Alves had in Valencia goal, we might be reading about a Madrid goalfest. Such was the alacrity of Madrid's attackers that only an inspired Alves could keep the score at level pegging.

In contrast, Barcelona beat Real Sociedad by five goals to one with David Villa making a dream comeback, scoring a deftly taken goal towards the end.  What should concerns Ronaldo fans is how Messi was amidst goals again. Messi scored twice and considering how easy Barcelona found the net, it was just another two goals. A goal from Ronaldo against Valencia could have meant three points for Los Merengues. In this context, Ronaldo's failure to find the net does seem like an aberration that hurt Madrid.

It is still early days, but round one certainly belongs to the Argentine maestro. Ronaldo should come back stronger and fans would certainly hope the coming months see yet another battle with epic proportions.

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