Real Madrid lost 0-1 to Sevilla, thus making it two losses out of four in La Liga this season. This is exactly the number of games they lost in all of last season. Their bitter rivals, Barcelona have notched up four straight wins and sit pretty atop the La Liga table. Worse still, Messi has been scoring as usual and has weighed in with eight goals in six matches for Barca this season. In contrast, Cristiano Ronaldo has huffed, puffed and whined into ineffectual displays for Los Merengues.

Jose Mourinho bitterly commented afer the loss that he did not have a team out there on the pitch and he could have substituted seven players if he were allowed to. This sums up exactly how a lot of Real fans must have felt after the game. Never have the cultured superstars of the Madrid based team misplaced so many passes and lost so many battles on the pitch. Sevilla fought for every ball and Trochowski's goal meant Real have endured a terrible start to the season.

The crux of the matter lies with Ronaldo's attitude. It was the petulance that returned and he seemed tense everytime he played. That is not the Ronaldo we have seen at Real. At Real, Ronaldo has been the supreme artist, a marvellous athlete. He has declared his unhappiness at the Bernabeu and a lot has been written about it already. But Ronaldo's professionalism has always been cited in defense to claims that the team is going to fall apart.

Whatever be the reasons for Ronaldo's unhappiness, it seems to have affected the team for sure. They have not been helped by inffectual displays from other superstarts either. "The Only One", Mourindo has his task cut out. He has to get his act together and dominate like his usual self. He must be willing to show Ronaldo the love, if that is what it takes for Real to get back to winning ways.