After a nine-man Real Madrid side suffered another La Liga title bump to earn a 1-1 draw against Villarreal, Jose Mourinho's squad let Barcelona right back in the title race.

Indeed, it remains "a two-horse race."

The Catalans have closed the gap, but Real Madrid are still in the driver's seat.

The fact is, no team no matter how big, how rich, or how far their history dates back can simply win forever. It has to stop somewhere.

David beat Goliath and Madrid stand as the Goliath now. It's not as though Real Madrid have an easy schedule the rest of the way. Valencia, Osasuna, and Athletico Madrid could make things difficult for Los Galacticos.

Messi and Co. are capable of a comeback, especially with an April 22 date with Real Madrid at Camp Nou still on the schedule.

Barcelona can certainly lose a game from here on out, but if there is a club that can go on a winning streak it's Pep Guardiola's squad. They will put up a fight like no other team and the title race could be poised for a showdown.

Don't be surprised to see Barcelona claw back in La Liga. Real Madrid remain the favorites to win the title, but it's certainly not a given.