Luka Modric is experiencing a sense of déjà vu as the disappointment continues for the second consecutive season. Spanish giants Real Madrid have not yet matched Tottenham Hotspurs asking price.

Several clubs including Manchester United, Chelsea and PSG were after the Croatian International during the beginning of the summer transfer window. However Real Madrid were the front-runners to get the deal sealed after the Euro 2012. However Madrid have not yet reached an agrement for Modric's asking price. 

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is not letting Modric to leave to any other club unless and until the asking price for the player is met. Levy is not in a position to compromise on Modric's asking price.

Speaking about Modric, Spurs Manager Ander Villas-Boas believes Modric must accept that there is little the club can do regarding the players transfer request.

"He has been training separately. Now it is important for Luka to feel mentally ready to come back to first team training" Villas-Boas said

"These boys are at a different level in terms of their preparation, concentration and commitment. I think the player has to understand that the club cannot do anything about other clubs offers" the Portuguese went on to add

"We have a value and an interest that we have to defend, and we are waiting to reintegrate the player if the offer is not matched."

Villas-Boas believes it would be better for Modric and the club if a resolution would be reached in Modric's transfer saga.

"We will try to solve it as soon as possible. It is the second time we have been through this situation"

"It is obviously difficult for him, but the chairman is defending the club's interests and the player has to understand that, and the fact that the offer does not meet the chairman's demands means we can't do anything. The player is a good professional and hopefully he will return to the team." Villas-Boas went on to add