I’d take up space talking about what the refs gained in negotiations, but the bottom line is not one person reading this cares. We only care that they are back and most importantly, our fantasy teams will no longer be affected.

I’m just glad that as soon as the strike ended in the wee hours of the night Wednesday, Thursday night’s crew reported for work. It’s not like they had made other plans.

The real refs might be back, but no doubt there will still be missed calls. The difference is they’ll be judgment calls, not discrepancies and five-minute huddles about technical rules straight out of a book.

My last word on the officials: Hopefully somewhere in the new contract is a rule that if you can’t beat me in a 50-yard dash, you can’t be an NFL ref.

-- The sports world summed up in a few tweets …

I guess head coaches do matter. #Saints #Arkansas

Happiest guy in the league is #Cardinals Kevin Kolb. #inyourfacePhilly

I don’t care if nobody was near him, #Jets Darrelle Revis’ torn ACL is replacement refs’ fault.

How soon until #TimTebow is spotted practicing at the cornerback position? Shirtless. #Jets

#Packers needed to knock ball down in end zone like kids taught to do in #peeweefootball.

Only thing missing from #NFL is #WWWF matches at halftime.

Part-time employees in real world don’t get pensions, why should #NFL refs.

#NFL announces Belichick fined $50k for grabbing ref. If it had been Ed Hochuli’s arm, announcement would be: Funeral arrangements pending.

The replacement refs, much like the #SuperBowl ads, might be bringing in new viewers. “Hey Honey, you gotta watch this absurd call.”

When is the last time Americans united like they have to get #NFL refs back.

Striking refs in any other pro sports league wouldn’t be news on #GoodMorningAmerica and #PresidentObama wouldn’t care.

We think the replacement refs are a big story now, just wait until the #Packers miss the playoffs by a game.

-- In one of the classiest moves in sports this year, the Marlins offered Adam Greenberg a one-day contract and guaranteed at-bat during their game on Oct. 2 against the Mets.

Why the big deal? Greenberg’s career lasted exactly one unofficial at bat when he was struck in the head by a pitch from the Marlins' Valerio de los Santos on July 9, 2005. The former Cub subsequently suffered from vertigo and vision issues and never returned to the majors for an official at-bat.

No matter how it turns out, the move by the Marlins is a home run.

-- In other non-referee news around the world of sports: The UFL started this past week; the NHL players are locked out or on strike or something like that; the Nationals really did make the playoffs; and I think there’s some big golf event going on somewhere either here in America or in Europe.

And in the we-all-knew-this-would-happen-eventually news category: Roger Goodell said that Monday night’s debacle was not a “major factor” on negotiations between the league and the officials (insert laugh sound track here); Victim 1 in the Jerry Sandusky case has a book coming out (I am happy for him, I hope he makes millions); Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate admitted he illegally pushed off in the end zone during the most-replayed sports play in American history (when will YouTube replace NFL Films); In his new book, former reliever Eric Gagne failed to give the names of any of the 80 percent of his Dodgers teammates he accused of using performance enhancing drugs (but at least admitted he was one of the 80 percent).  

OVERTIME: Philadelphia Eagles play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese was signing off after Sunday’s game and reading the re-broadcast rights sheet as he usually does. He stopped midway through his read and declared, “Why would anyone want to re-broadcast this game?” And he wasn’t talking about the officiating.

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