Adidas second installment in the Derrick Rose rehab documentary shows the leagues youngest MVP rehabbing ferociously in hopes of a speedy return back onto the basketball court.

Rose earlier today in an interview with mentioned that he's rehabbing five days a week specifically on Tuesdays and Thursday's working on all aspects of his lower & upper body while also riding a stationary bike.

In the interview Rose also mentioned that just a couple of days ago (less than five months since he tore his ACL) he started jumping and working on shooting drills again. In the interview and documentary Rose states that his trainers at Athletes Performance have been doing a great job with him overall.

In Episode II, Rose admits that he never worked on his body or learned as much as he is now rehabbing, which is a scary thought considering his extraordinary basketball talent prior to the injury. Hearing Rose reveal this fact about himself brings to mind another Chicago Bulls guard (i.e. Michael Jordan) who himself didn't put much work in the weight room until the Bulls front office got him working with Tim Grover, who became Jordan's trainer up until this day.

In the mini-series basketball fans get to see Rose's determination and desire to come back bigger, stronger, and faster even admitting that seeing the Miami Heat win the NBA Championship this past season only motivates him more.

In the video fans get to see a little more of the quiet confidence and determination Derrick Rose has in himself towards the end proclaiming that he cant wait till he wins one, championship that is.

However, Bulls fans are going to have to continue to wait until they can be on the top of the NBA mountain because Rose probably wont be back until after the All-Star.

On a more optimistic observation if Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Petersons was able to return for his teams first regular season game after tearing his MCL and ACL last season maybe Rose could be back sooner rather than later.