The Miami Heat are going into tonight just one victory away from closing out the 2012 NBA Finals. Not only are they very close to winning the first championship (of many according to a party from last year) in the era of the "Superfriends" trio, they have the opportunity to win it in South Beach in front of their home crowd. While many have predicted the Heat to win Game 5 (including Las Vegas where the Heat are favored by 3), I am going to predict the Thunder win tonight. However, I am not just predicting they win Game 5, I am predicting that they win the whole series and claim the Larry O'Brien Trophy for themselves.

While I am making what many would consider a bold, possibly asinine, prediction, I have my four reasons to believe that the Thunder are capable of pulling off such a historical comeback.

First, Kevin Durant has not been playing at a level that he is capable of. I understand that the Heat have developed a stingy defensive gameplan to counter his prolific scoring but you can only stop a scorer for so many games. I am confident that Durant will eventually breakout and live up to his three scoring titles in his young career, especially with the team's back to the wall.

Second, James Harden has obviously struggled throughout this whole series. Like Durant, I can not help but think that Harden elevates his game to help his team in the next three games. I am confident that in Game 5, Harden will contribute significantly and prove why he won the 6th Man of the Year Award tonight.

Third, winning Game 5 would give the Thunder a unique edge for the next two games. Widely considered the best home crowd, the opportunity to play two more games in front of this rambunctious Thunder crowd will provide the necessary boost for the team's momentum. If this series goes back to Oklahoma City, we can all be assured that this crowd will come excited and energetic.

Fourth, Derek Fisher has five rings. He clearly wants his sixth.

Making this prediction can either turn into two possibilities: making me a sap or clairvoyant. I am going all in and banking on the Thunder vindicating me with my prediction.