New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, earlier today in an interview with dubbed his quarterback Tom Brady the greatest of all time.

In the interview Kraft candidly said, "I think that Tommy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana. I know that's a leap, but I really think he might already be the best of all time."

By committing to the opinion that Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana, Kraft automatically acknowledges that Brady is the best quarterback of all time and the second part of that quote isn't even necessary. Because quite honestly, Joe Montana was and is the greatest QB of all time and if your saying someone is even slightly better than "Joe Cool" than your crowning them no matter how respectfully your landing that shot.

Joe Montana is the Michael Jordan of the National Football League. Why? Because he went 4/4 in the Super Bowls he appeared in and ended up being the MVP three times.

That's why!

John Elway is a great quarterback, but he lost in the Super Bowl three times. Peyton Manning is great, but he lost a Super Bowl and so did Brett Favre. And although Dan Marino didn't even win a Super Bowl title he's still in the top ten because he was amazing.

[If any of these QB's had Montana's 49ers they would have won more Super Bowls]

Brady has five Super Bowl appearances winning three and losing his last two to Eli Manning and the New York football Giants. Tom Brady is a great quarterback top three arguably, but the last two Super Bowl loses put a stain on his legacy. If Brady and the Patriots managed to win either one of the past two Super Bowls the argument would be a lot closer.

If they had won both then Tom Brady would be the greatest off all time, but they didn't.

When comparing Montana and Brady's numbers, Brady is a much more prolific regular season QB while Montana was much more clutch in the playoffs.

And of course, we judge our quarterbacks by how clutch they ultimately are or were.

Joe Montana played over 15 seasons and in 192 regular-season games throwing for 40,551 passing yards, 273 touchdown passes, and 139 interceptions. As opposed to Tom Brady, who in 12 seasons, thus far, has played in 161 games throwing for 39,979 yards, 300 touchdowns, and 115 interceptions.

[Most football fans and sports journalist will tell you it was much, much harder to throw the ball in the NFL back in the 1980. In today's NFL one of every teams weaknesses is being able to stop the passing game. Secondary's seem to get lit up every given Sunday.]

It is safe to say that Brady, now 35 years old, entering his 13th NFL season has and will blow away all of Montana's regular season stats so Mr. Kraft got this one right (but remember that's not what we judge our quarterbacks by.) And with a little luck Brady might equal his boyhood idol in Super Bowl championships and MVP's because he only needs one more for each.

However, Joe Montana is and will be the greatest for a very long time because it's going to take someone even more spectacular and clutch to dethrone number 16.