The controversy that has engulfed Scottish football since the Rangers financial collapse must have seemed a long way off when originally viewed by Richard Scudamore and his Premier League acolytes. Especially as they were preoccupied with slapping each others backs over the recent Television Deal which has further increased the amount of cash flowing into the PL coffers to around £760m. However, the recent outburst by Valdimir Romanov, owner of Hearts Football Club in the Scottish Premier League may have put a needle into Mr. Scudamore`s bubble.

His comments relate to the impending vote by the remaining Scottish Premier League clubs as to whether Rangers `Newco`, led by Charles Green, should be admitted into the Scottish PL. Here is what Romanov said: "The football mafia represented by former owners of Rangers FC and Rupert Murdoch's media are to blame for some of the worst problems to hit Scottish football and must not be allowed back in under any circumstances.As regards the club itself, we can only express our deepest condolences to its supporters, who have been lied to for so many years."

"Victories were achieved not by sporting merits, but through slander, conspiracies amongst players and their poaching via third parties, unfair pressuring of referees, who in themselves are as valuable to the fabric of football as the football stars themselves. All of this brought hollow victories and destroyed football. We can also mention the attempts to eliminate Hearts with the help of the tax petitions, through false accusations and threats to revoke the club licence. There is a saying about digging a grave for someone - you get it for yourself. Without these people, football will
become cleaner and stronger."

"Without Murdoch, the whole of society will improve, in particular sport and culture. Supporters deserve a new beginning and have to accept the fact that their club has to start from the lower league, keeping order in the SPL and without creating unfair competition with other clubs."

Whatever, you may think about the veracity of Romanovs comments, there is no doubting thier effects on commentators outside of Scotland. In other words, there is a movement within society in the UK that wants to rid itself of its love affair with the Murdoch organisation. Not just sports, but the whole range of activites including his Sky Sports operation.

There has been a groundswell of uneasiness about the domination of football in the UK by Sky and the lack of a real alternative. That uneasiness has not found any focus until Mr Romanovs enlightening revelations about a `Pay-Per-View` scheme operated by the Scottish football clubs, for the Scottish football clubs. This is dangerous territory for Murdoch and his Sky mafia because should such a scheme gain credulity and even work, it will sound the death knell for Sky Sports as we know it. Some may say "good riddance".

His comments will also rattle a few cages at clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea, where there is growing unease at the consequences of their continued flouting of the Financial Fair Play Rules. Mr Platini has been worryingly quiet on this matter recently, however this is likely to be because he is preoccupied with the Euros.

Rangers need to get 8 clubs on their side otherwise there will be an embarrassing stand-off in Scottish football. However, the ramifications will be felt much further afield.