San Antonio Spurs will beat the Miami Heat in Six Games

The 2013 NBA Finals are set and for the next two weeks we will watch the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs slug it out for the Larry Obrien trophy. The Heat are trying to repeat as back-to-back NBA Champions while the Spurs are looking for its fifth title in franchise history (the Spurs have won the NBA Championship four times in eight years between 1999 and 2007). 

In a recent blog previewing the NBA playoffs, I mentioned how laughable it was on the eve of the start of the playoffs listening to the Heat bang-Waggoner’s all but handed Miami the Championship trophy. Almost three weeks later, that same public perception has not changed. A lot of sports experts don’t like the San Antonio Spurs for obvious reasons—the Spurs are boring to watch; they play in a small market, and so on. Having said such, I still thought the Spurs may have gotten at least a little more respect going into the finals. After all, they did sweep a dysfunctional Laker team; neutralizing the very potent Golden State Warriors; and totally annihilated a Memphis Grizzlies team that was supposed to run all over the Spurs. Despite all that, San Antonio still does not get the respect they deserve, but that’s ok, San Antonio would not have it any other way. This is why they are going to shock the world and win the 2013 NBA Championship.

Here are Reasons Why

The Spurs have Tim Duncan. Just when we thought the 37-year old Duncan was done he finds the fountain of youth. Miami does not have one player that can matchup against Duncan. He averaged 24 points and 10 boards in the Western Conference finals. The All-NBA first team, Tim Duncan, will have his way against Miami’s Bigs. During the Pacers’ series, the Heat got exposed. Miami cannot defend physical-interior bigmen; as a result during the Eastern Conference Finals, Roy Hibbert and David West were able to score at will. Against the Heat in the finals, Duncan will be the best big man on the floor, as he always is whenever he steps on the court.

  The Spurs are healthy for the first time in years, and have a deep bench (something the Indiana Pacers did not have) that can matchup against any team.  In addition to having the advantage on the interior, the Spurs three-point shooting will outperform Shane Battier and Ray Allen both of whom have been MIA during the post-season.

Tony Parker will be the best point guard in the finals, and will have his way with Mario Charmers and Norris Cole.   For this reason, I will not be surprise to see LeBron James having to defend Parker at times; and if this happens it could take James out of his offense.

Unlike the Bulls or Pacers, the San Antonio Spurs have the personnel to defend LeBron James and will do so by committee. LeBron is too good to be defended by just one player. This is why the Spurs will throw different looks at him. Kawhi Leonard will be the primary defender but having the luxury of a Danny Green and other on a deep bench will not stop him, but will slow him down enough to get the job done.

When all is said and done, it will be the San Antonio Spurs who will be crowned NBA Champions. This is San Antonio’s fifth NBA Finals appearance and they have won the previous four times they’ve been there. Experience does count for something—just saying.

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