San Diego Chargers at New York Jets Preview And Where To Watch Online: Dawn Of The Post-Sanchez Era

A matchup that looked better when it was scheduled in the pre-season has undoutedly lost what little luster it had coming into this season as both teams have been elmintated from playoff contention and both teams have been victimized by poor QB play respectively.

The Jets are actually coming into the game with somewhat of an intriguing storyline that should give Jets fans a reason to actually tune into a game, a game that would otherwise be virtually unwatchable at this point.  The Jets have a new starting QB after benching Mark Sanchez after his abysmal performance against the Titans on MNF.  Mark Sanchez played so incredibly bad he could probably be suspended for “Conduct Detrimental to the Team” and the NFLPA wouldn’t even fight it, yeah it was that bad but as bad as that was, it’s no longer any immediate reason to dwell on it as Greg McElroy has now been given the reins to the Jets offense and will look to capitlize on what he called “an opportunity of a lifetime.”

McElroy was given the temporary reins of the the Jets offense a few weeks back after Sanchez put up another stinker and was benched by Rex Ryan.  McElroy was able to come in and lead the Jets to a victory but left a lot to be desired as his performance though was enough to get the win, didn’t do much to ease the QB aniety suffered by all Jets fans at this point, something McElroy will have a chance to do something about this week vs the Chargers.

The Chargers are essentially playing for the same thing as the Jets at this point, pride.  QB Phillip Rivers had probably his worst game of the season last week in a turnover filled affair that saw the Chargers struggle to find any conssitency on offense and struggle to find its way into the Panthers side of the field all game long.  Rivers played so incedibly bad last week as well that he probably shouldve been benched for Greg McElroy as well.  Two of Rivers’s top weapons in Malcolm Floyd and Ryan Matthews have been shut down for the remainder of the season as they were both placed on IR which is another reason Rivers is probably counting down the days until the end of this dissapointing season.

  From a game plan stand point, the Jets have the 2nd ranked pass defense in the league but are 29th vs the run so look for the Chargers to try to establish the running game vs the Jets via a RB duo that consist of Curtis Brinkley and Jackie Battle.  If the Chargers has success vs the Jets on the ground, it should maybe make things easier for Rivers to have some success through the air but the Jets has had success vs teams that are one dimensional for the most part of the season.  On the other side; the Chargers come into this game ranked 20th vs the pass and 7th vs the run, a somewhat balanced defensive rankings but a bit misleading as opponents havent had much difficulties scoring on the ground or the air this season against the Chargers.  Last week vs the Panthers, the Chargers allowed.

Where To Watch Online: NY Jets at San Diego Chargers